Leaf damage since 1-2 Jan Melbourne

I just noticed a few of our plants are showing up damaged since 1st Jan when we were heavily sprayed here.

The day before my mint was lush and green.  this has happened several times after bad spray days. I break off the bad leaves and the plant recovers with new growth.  My capsicum plant has really warped and damaged leaves too.  And just noticed a ground conifer that has never looked stressed has died off a bit.  I will be observing a lot more closely from now on.

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Comment by Alan Douglas MacRae on January 11, 2014 at 0:39

Between drought from last summer to now we had a whole lawn of dandelions completely disappear and not return on the southern side of our house.  Maybe 2 months ago something hit our dwarf apple tree -almost a white powdery mildew and 3 m away 1 healthy plantain weed.  The weed completely died and the apple recovered but I have 1 granny smith apple when we normally get a bucketful of fruit.  Beginning of spring one rose had it's leaf tips burnt by something (we are organic and into permaculture and  spray nothing).  Such is our toxic world !!! 

Comment by Fiona on January 10, 2014 at 19:31

Hello all.  On my walk home from the beach yesterday I started to notice most of the street trees and shrubs hanging over peoples fences were showing signs of stress.  A fig tree had bad signs of singing at top of tree as you see in this photo.  The leaves lower down were still green and OK.  You can see the various forms of stress in these leaves.  Some looking singed at the pointy end of the leaf and others with burnt edges.  A lot of yellowing and blotching on leaves too.  I have been told by a horticulturist that the plant tries to release toxins through the pointy end of the leaf and maybe the edges.  Even my rosemary plant has yellowing and that is meant to be a tough herb.  Anyway how are the plants in your neck of the woods?

Comment by Nym on January 6, 2014 at 21:17

And conifers are tough as nails. Mine used to get paint spray and polyurethane drift pretty regularly with no effect.

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