Important Notice to All! 

Our .ORG church domain was shut down two days ago by Public Domain Registry on the “suspicion of a 419 scam”, which is completely absurd. 

As a future precaution we have attained a new main domain in Iceland: 

Our website is still fully operational at and .net pointing to this new domain.)

Because of the suspension of however, our previously advertised emails are not working. This means that those wanting to contact us about seminars or receive MMS support, will not get through to us, because of this domain suspension. 

If you would like to see our domain returned to our control and contact the Public Domain Registry about this sudden shutdown to request the case be resolved as quickly as possible, please contact them at: 

Abuse Mitigation Team, PublicDomainRegistry or

Phone number: +1.2013775952
Fax number: +1.3202105146 


As it also says in the file below, all that was on this site was Information...Information that SOMEONE obviously does not want known as it is probably exposing their lies.

When Rev. Jim Humble was here in NZ recently he was only given a TWO day visa and was interrogated, fingerprinted and searched like a common criminal.

Makes you ashamed to call NZ home...more proof of who really calls the shots here, just like everywhere else. NZ is not far away enough anymore

Right, where is that


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Comment by Rainbow Cat on November 17, 2014 at 12:01


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