Strong Arm of the Law - Saru G (Police Brutality)

(Layup by Rose)

Police Brutality is nothing new, though you could argue that it is getting worse. It is certainly not limited to the US and most likely some countries are way worse. But these days with more and more people carrying smartphones, the ability to film police as they terrorize, brutalize and murder people - sometimes innocent people - has exposed what is becoming an all to common occurrence. Police Brutality.

It is impossible to watch these images and not be incensed by them. So I do what I always do when I get angry: I make music about it. Here is my latest track. STRONG ARM OF THE LAW (Warning: It contains graphic images of police brutality and coarse language)

Watch Strong Arm of the Law HERE

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The question is, why is this happening and what can we do about it. Is it a planned attack on minorities, a scheme to incite civil unrest to allow introduction of a police state or just a paranoid police force that don't have the skills or the balls to resolve a situation without resorting to violence? Add to this my own theory that these officers spend every day in a heavily WI-FI/EMF environment. Their buildings, their cars and their own equipment. This together with a training regime that turns them into violent bullies and a culture of us vs them and it is no wonder we have seen a recent spate of unnecessary police killings in the news.

It is encouraging though to see the widespread but peaceful protests all across the states (well, mostly peaceful). If they are trying to provoke the people into revolution, they are failing. Communities of all races and backgrounds have been coming together to speak out against this brutality. Love and compassion is the only way we can defeat them.

Until that time comes though, take care. Especially to all my friends in the US. Arohanui.

Saru G


Published on Dec 5, 2014

Highlighting the injustice that is Police Brutality. Warning, video contains violent scenes and coarse language. View discretion advised. No copyright intended for any of the images which are used under common use for artistic purposes.


Big brother in his squad car comin’ near
Not to protect but to instill fear
Not the long arm of the law but strong arm of the law
Spraying mad-nines as they bustin’ down a brotha’s door
Every one of us on their goddam terror list
Treatin’ everybody like a goddam terrorist
Layin’ on hits with their fists to the innocent
Preyin’ on the weak if they speak with some dissidence
Fuck your right to be silent
These evil mutha-fuckers have a right to be violent
Might seem like a case of insanity
But give a man a badge and he’ll treat you with brutality
Tap you twice with his night-stick
And if he get excited might just hit you with his full-clip
Bam-bam-bam, three shots in the chest
And if you still be breathin’ maybe couple in the head
Makin’ full use of abuse of authority
Layin’ on boots to abuse the minorities
Punch you in the face if you show a little unrest
Spray you with their mace if you embrace your right to protest
Really gotta wonder who they’re working for
Pretty damn sure it ain’t us no more
Makin’ their livin’ for the prison corporation
Or maybe just a product of the One World Nation

[STAND WHERE YOU ARE] We’re gonna fuck you up
[STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR] We’re gonna rough you up
[PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR] Cause we’re dressed for war
Comin’ back for more, Strong Arm of the Law
An they’re comin’ to a town near you
Minding your own business better watch what you do
Cause they’re watchin’ every step that you take
Give ‘em half a chance and’ I’m pretty damn sure that they will
Shake you down and aybe break you down
Take you en-masse and throw you to the ground
It’s pack mentality, extreme brutality
Protect and serve is a fake reality
They are the law, the law’s on their side
Throw you in a wagon take you for a ride
Take you downtown where their ain’t no witness
An’ if they don’ like you gonna make it their business to
Rough you up and maybe fuck you up
Then hit you with a crime cause they just trumped it up
Then set you up and maybe mess you up
So even your own mother won’t know who you are
See the boys in blue are now the men in black
Weapons at the ready an’ they’re headin’ for attack
An’ they’re havin’ a riot with the riot squad
Comin’ down on you like a fist of god
Good or bad cop it don’ make no difference
They’re in it all together and they’re all complicit
Make no difference if you’re black white or innocent
My word of advice is just to keep your distance

[STAND WHERE YOU ARE] We’re gonna fuck you up
[STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR] We’re gonna rough you up
[PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR] Cause we’re dressed for war
Comin’ back for more, Strong Arm of the Law

It’s a fuckin’ prison-state we be livin’ in
They ain’t gonna stop ‘til the day we be givin’ in
Finger on the trigger while the urge is getting’ bigger
Won’t be satisfied ‘til a coffin we be sittin’ in
Let me take this all a little bit further
Let you all know why these fuckas wanna serve ya
See I stand in the face of hatred
But the truth of the matter has been understated
See it’s just another step in their master-plan
War is being raged on the race of man
Can’t you all see, this shit is getting’ serious
I really fuckin’ hope that you all are hearin’ this
It’s bigger than the pigs bustin’ down your door
It’s bigger than the cops comin’ dressed for war
Bigger than police-driven aggravation
I’m talkin’ bout our civil rights annihilation
So wake the fuck up cause this ain’t no game
They can track you to your house by the sound of your name
The city’s on lock-down, everybody better drop-down
The law are only puppets for the criminally insane
So raise your voice all across the nation
Cause the time is now for our emancipation
I’m not talking ‘bout freedom from incarceration
I’m fighting for our lives and our own Salvation

[STAND WHERE YOU ARE] We’re gonna fuck you up
[STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR] We’re gonna rough you up
[PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR] Cause we’re dressed for war
Comin’ back for more, Strong Arm of the Law

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Comment by Saru G on January 16, 2015 at 21:33

Finally You Tube have stopped blocking my views. If you haven't already, have a listen to my tune and watch the video. If you it again.

Comment by rose on December 11, 2014 at 9:29

In Berkeley, Officer Buzz Lightyear goes berserk on a bicyclist. This is pure poetry in police state brutality. RTWT.

This is  where Leuren is living and says the frequencies have been so wound up - mind control city


Medical Students at UCLA protest for those murdered by police. RT @phronesisthesis: UCLA #whitecoatdiein

Comment by Rainbow Cat on December 10, 2014 at 8:00

Hope this goes viral Saru, it sure needs to and I believe wifi exposure is not helping anyone and that includes the 'law'

Comment by Vickistar on December 9, 2014 at 21:00
Just listened and watched, Saru G. Fantastic work. The images were very hard to watch but important to see. I tried to give it a thumbs up but it wanted me to sign in so I couldn't. Sorry about that :)
Comment by renate on December 9, 2014 at 17:02
Barrie Trower said it is the tetra/air/band equipment that they’re using and it’s an experiment to last till 2018. The telecommunications industry said they are counting how many cancers and brain cancers are occurring and keeping this knowledge from the first responders.(police, firemen, ambulance..etc) Barrie said the telecommunications industry knows it effects the brain; the frequencies are too high.
Comment by Saru G on December 9, 2014 at 10:24

If you don't want to watch the video or you want to download the music check out here on my Soundcloud page.

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