A Thank You To Followers and Subs - The Book Burning Begins (DJ)

Jason Lindgrens channel Secrets of Saturn will inform people where Crrow777 is running (not on YT) if this channel gets removed by the free speech Gods. ALL CONTENT THAT RUNS HERE IS ON CRROW777RADIO.COM FOR ANYONE TO HEAR FOR FREE.

*Crrow has now been hit by his second YT strike and is locked out of his channel. Updates are at Secrets of Saturn channel or on the radio podcast website. #ModernDayBookBurning meme started for anyone wanting to share blocked info of any kind - Nym.

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Comment by Stephan Hokke on October 11, 2017 at 3:00

Crow777 has a good point. If one complaint from 1 person out of 70,000 is enough to have a youtube channel pulled, is that not thee most disguting thing you have ever heard of? One person tells 70,000 to go take a hike!!!

This needs to be challenged in a court of law with a class action suit against youtube to remind them that the majority votes for what they want to see by viewing the content. If you do NOT like what you see, you do NOT have a right to complain, you just un-subscribe yourself . The name of the person and the complaint they had MUST be made public as that complaint is an attack on the rights of the 70,000 and is a tort on those who desire the content. The damages could mount up into millions. Wouldn't that make a sharp lawyer salivate to act in our interest!!!! Even though youtube is a private company and can make the rules they like, they would be advised to listen to the voice of the 70,000 as otherwise they will lose their patronage. 

Comment by Martin Harris on October 10, 2017 at 19:56

I echo Cat's PJs sentiments: I may not always agree with Crrow777, but will always support his or anyone else's right to express their ideas and opinions and share information. we are losing our freedoms far too quickly and easily, ironically under the guise of "protecting our freedoms". As George Orwell put it: "freedom is Slavery" (In NWO-speak).

Comment by Ant on October 10, 2017 at 14:48

The destroying and rewriting of history by the arrogance of those self appointed dictators.

Comment by cats pajamas on October 10, 2017 at 14:21

Wow thanks Nym,

well you know I was not always in agreement with Crrow777 & some of the others but these people provided valuable information over the years. Same thing happening for Freeman at FreemanTV.com.

Our independent thinkers are not going down well with TPTB...got them rattled, keep up the cat n mouse game.

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