Published on Mar 12, 2013
by TheTrueRae

The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident.
US Radiated Food ~1200Bq per kilogram of Cesium-134,137 Limit!!!
Cindy Folkers, Beyond Nuclear,
Post-Fukushima Food Monitoring in the US

California Kelp 600-2,500 Bq/kg I-131

Central California grown Pistachios 18 Bq/kg Cs-134 & 137 Shipped to Japan. Safety network of Japan tested them and quickly pulled them off the shelf. This area is KNOWN to be a HOTSPOT yet the US STILL sells them to US citizens!

Japanese Beef 650-2,300 Bq/kg Fed to Japanese Children US WOULD ACCEPT THIS!

California Grass 14 Bq/kg Cs-134 & 137 Cows eat the grass, milk is radiated, crops root in radioactive soil. US BLACKOUT ON INFO after 4-30-2011 from BERKELEY's STUDIES.

Pacific Blue Fin Tuna migrating to California Coast 9-11 Bq Cs 134 & 137

Green Tea Shipped from Japan to France 1,038 Bq/kg US WOULD ACCEPT THIS!

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Comment by Joy Mahurin on March 14, 2013 at 13:15


I am actually one of those that is very sensitive to radiation exposure. Both ionized and not. about six months back I went through an pretty intense 6 week radiation detox. I was showing a lot of symptoms.  I had been in some pretty high radiation affected areas of the US right after Fukushima. I also live in Oregon and we know we are being hit with the radiation pretty hard as a coastal state.  I was very very sick and getting sicker....finally the radiation detox and afterward I maintain a whole food organic diet with many radiation mitigating foods and herbs incorporated. I was also lucky enough to be gifted hemp oil which helped repair a lot of the damage after detox. I am feeling a thousand times better. As if I was never sick at all. I know there are risks for me down the road, I just choose to live as if I already had cancer now that I am well....sad yes...but the health benefits are obviously enormous!  As far as getting others to follow my lead...well I'm still working on my family members   Sounds like you may know full well how that can go

PS -even though I changed my eating lifestyle to be healthy....I still eat chocolate sometimes. And if one of my grown children wants to cook me a rare dinner, I'm not going to tell them no and not eat what they cook for me. I like you, figure once in awhile shouldn't hurt as long as it's not a regular or daily event. 

Comment by John Johns on March 14, 2013 at 2:03

Similar experiences anyone?

Comment by John Johns on March 14, 2013 at 2:00


Thank you very much for your recent blitz of alerts and alarms...

On a personal note, I must say that I have more of a 'vested interest' in the contents from two weeks ago...

Having amassed a goodly 120kgs of brown pre-3/11 national rice I was well placed to really avoid most of the local food-supply dangers...

However, I am the rarity here unless you hadn't realised... Last week I met an Italian friend who lives in Tokyo. She asked me why I was so worried about food and water!!! I told her what I know (what I know I know to boot) and then moved on to other topics...

She went back to Tokyo and I haven't heard from her since. There are a lot of young Europeans coming here to escape from the lack of jobs etc in Europe... BUT not being aware of the dire situation here... I also meta Thai couple with the same condition... I sent them off at the rate of knots to the nearest shop to invest in an N95 mask... They must have been a mess after I told them the bad news... after all they were sight seeing on a very warm and bright day...

So we must be careful not to let others non-knowledge/ignorance in to carrying us in to a would-be 'comfort zone'... you know, the place where 'there is nothing to worry about'... all will be well.

We all have urges... an urge to binge for one... sometimes due to stress we seek out the chocolates etc... And so your latest post here has shown just how we all must be religiously paranoid AND with no let-ups...

What happened?? --- last week my female friend arrived home from Hawaii laden with gifts... She is a really busy Japanese woman who has no time for research and is fatalistic about it all...

Yes, you guessed right, I eat all of the pistachio nuts which she had bought for me... a moment of abject weakness... Now I can only imagine the worst... but at least compared with the usual Japanese I am not force-feeding contaminated food every day, three times a day...

It's all relative you see...

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