Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom on-ride 4K POV Six Flags Great Adventure

Standing 415 feet (126m) tall and reaching speeds up to 90 mph (145 km/h), Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is the world's tallest and fastest drop tower. The free fall attraction is attached to Kingda Ka, the world's tallest roller coaster, and on clear days riders can see Philadelphia's skyline some 52 miles (84 km) away.

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Comment by Snafu on May 15, 2017 at 7:01

I found the book too Laila. Easy to read and download .PDF. The rest of you can get it here: http://www.taotv.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Worlds-Beyond-the-P... 2.1Mb

I’ve always thought Expanding Earth made the most sense and explained the most issues. A 4 ton Dinosaur couldn’t stand up today but millions of years ago when it only weighed half a ton because the Earth was much smaller, no problem. The Continents fit together rather well when you use a smaller earth “Globe”. Expanding Earth answers too many questions Tectonic Plate theory just can’t answer.

There’s a video of the Chicago Skyline from 50 miles away. The video I saw had a meteorologist explaining it as a mirage. That’s exactly what it is or there wouldn’t be just a couple of pictures of it, there would be thousands. A repeatable demonstration. It's not repeatable.

Think of it like the video making the rounds now of 2, count em, 2 suns in the sky with the explanation that one is Nibiru. It’s just an illusion.

Maybe VL can share the Ah-Ha moment that led her to believe the Earth is flat.

Vinyl Lady: “I truly wanted the "Flat Earth" concept to be a psyop lie designed to divide and conquer.  It was life changing to discover the opposite was true. Everyone who sets out with determination to debunk the flat earth idea ends up proving the opposite.”

Comment by Vinyl Lady on May 15, 2017 at 5:33

Oh dear!  I hadn't even thought about Expanding Earth, Hollow Earth, etc.  Confirmation of any of those ideas would be difficult....which doesn't mean they are not worth considering. For me, the whole FE thing was an adventure in attempting to root out my own arrogance....to shake up my own ideas/opinions about the way things are. Many in the FE camp are using the FE data as an excuse to return to their Christian (or other monotheistic based) religions.....exchanging one set of beliefs for another. That doesn't make any sense either.....altho if we ARE indeed the center of some reality....how was that created and why?  Do we have a hand in this creation or is it some Father God figure having an adventure...or something else altogether?

It's almost as if "What IF, What IF.."is a horrible mind trap that we get caught inside....endlessly spinning...hoping we can think our way to truth.  For me, FE has become another addiction of sorts....a place to go when a moment is dull....another distraction. The true work is, of course, taking the journey inside but it's not nearly as alluring to the busy, chattering mind.  So there will be no nose rubbing from me!

Laila:  I found the book by Giannini and will have a look.  It's free online.  YAY!

Comment by Martin Harris on May 14, 2017 at 18:11

Snafu: I sympathise!

Thank your lucky stars I didn't mention Expanding Earths, Hollow Earths (with us on the outside) and Hollow earth (with us on the inside), earth-centic solar system models and spiral vs. planar solar system models...hehehe!

And yes VL, it is all maddening and mind bending. Maybe one day someone will actually reach the big wall surrounding the flat earth, then all the FE'rs will be rubbing us round earther's noses in it.!

Comment by Laila on May 14, 2017 at 16:39

VL, I am still trying to absorb a book I read by F. Amadeus Giannini. Worlds beyond the poles, Physical continuity of the Universe.  Fascinating.

Comment by Vinyl Lady on May 14, 2017 at 16:03

I know your pain, Laila!

Most people (like myself) assume the earth is much bigger than it actually is....according to the Powers That Be (mainstream scientism). The earth isn't even 8,000 wide.  As we rise above the surface we should be able to see curvature. There should be math for curvature in the construction of long, underground tunnels, bridges, train tracks.  There isn't.  There should be compensation required when flying in an airplane to avoid flying off into outer space.  There isn't.  Something as simple as a large pendulum should always be in motion if the earth is rotating.  The stars...how could you possible get a time lapse photo of all the stars rotating around the North Star on a spinning globe?  You could only get that picture if you were very close to the North Pole.  On and on it goes.

*sigh*  It's truly maddening.  The implications are horrendous.

Still looking for the curve.

Comment by Laila on May 14, 2017 at 14:13

VL After MUCH time, research, contemplation and observation, I couldn't think how to say exactly what you just explained! Most times it is in the opposite where you find the truth. When I started on this adventure, I was looking for visual proof that the Earth is round and I still can't find any, so now I want proof with our satellite and camera technology but that is not possible they tell us. My biggest question of all is not who is right but what is being hidden from us, what is the real truth about the physical plane we call Earth? They are lying to us about everything, you know its a lie when you can't get straight answers.  NASA Never A Straight Answer,

Comment by Vinyl Lady on May 14, 2017 at 5:57

There is a mental road block we all come to when trying to dispute the really big issues.  With Chemtrails it's:  "Why would they spray the skies with toxic chemicals when they are spraying themselves and their own families?" With Ball-earth folks it's: "Where's the edge?" 

It takes much time, research, observation and contemplation to break the bonds of our own deep indoctrination. I truly wanted the "Flat Earth" concept to be a psyop lie designed to divide and conquer.  It was life changing to discover the opposite was true. Everyone who sets out with determination to debunk the flat earth idea ends up proving the opposite. It's liberating, but there are costs.

Comment by Snafu on May 14, 2017 at 3:26

Ya know, life was tough enough when you had to chose between the Earth being flat or a round ball. Now we have to choose between Flat, Round, or an irregular oblate spheroid with a toroidal magnetosphere. WTF. I don’t even know what that means.

Comment by Martin Harris on May 13, 2017 at 21:42

I.m never afraid to ask questions or tackle thorny subjects Laila, nor speak my mind,

One thing I very rarely do, however, is lose my temper over these things, and I will never resort to insults. because that's exactly what "they" want.

Let me go further with this. The whole Flat Earth thing is, in my opinion, based on a very simple literal interpretation-of-an-interpretation of Biblical scripture. Many millennia ago, long before our current religious texts were written, humanity sailed the Earth, surveyed and measured the Earth, and knew it to be a spheroid and just one of many planets circling suns. This ancient "Atlantean" race, seeing that a great cataclysm was approaching, chose to relay their knowledge across the millennia, eventually re -emerging in myth, legend, and within the very structure and proportion of monuments built to withstand flood, earthquake, and the ravages of time. They used specific numbers and measurements over and over for those  who have eyes to see.

Then came the age of ignorance. All such knowledge was declared works of the devil and blasphemous. Monuments were defaced, books and scrolls burned and destroyed.

Then along came modern science and "enlightenment". Along with this came Darwin and the theory of natural selection, which seemed to hold no place for God, Thanks to the age of darkness and ignorance that drew a curtain on ancient knowledge and wisdom, translation of scripture had been reduced to a shallow, simplistic understanding (in the case of the King James Bible, nice poetic wording took priority over accurate  translation!). Science, in it's own ignorance of the past, rejected ancient texts, myths and legends and histories, as nonsense penned by supersticious ignorami.

The rulers of this new world of science and mechanisation, the Elite, the Illuminati, revelled in this rejection of God and promoted it with glee.

Towards the end of the twentieth century however, increasing numbers of people began to wake up and see what was staring them in the face: The knowledge and wisdom hidden in scripture that complimented, rather than contradicted, science. Genesis opens into a rich, multi layered document of microcosmic and macrocosmic knowledge that unfolds like a blooming flower. A crumbling pyramid becomes a testament to science, engineering, and scientific data that reveals the breathtaking mathematical splendour of the Earth and universe in which it sails.

The Illuminated Elites had worked hard to either supress this knowledge, or twist it to their own propaganda. They wanted to hide humanity's origins and replace the truth with their own version, devoid of any hint of God.

With the birth of the internet and so many people across the world connecting and awakening, something had to be done to derail the awakening process.

When the same awaking ones discovered the secret world of "black project" operations and underground bases in the 1990's they introduced the Majestic Twelve documents and tale tales of ET spaceships and alien autopsies, backed up with "credible" evidence and testimonies, to derail the truthseekers. Reputations were destroyed and credibility crumbled as the sham was exposed. We were all made fools of.

Disinformation works.

So, just as these truthseekers start homing in on long hidden knowledge about humanity, the most unlikely thing, the thing no one ever expected, suddenly emerges onto the internet and into the heart of the truthseeking movement:

"The Earth is flat, and the sky is a "firmament". The universe isn't real, it's all lies folks, and we've got credible data to "prove" it.

And when enough of you swallow the bait, we'll sink you. We will make you all look so idiotic and gullible that you'll all be discretited for good. "

That's what I think their plan is.

Comment by Laila on May 13, 2017 at 18:11

That's what the point is, Snafu and Martin, you are asking more Questions! I like part of your take on it Martin. I am going deeper than I have ever been before or even thought possible, but what I am finding is that dots are being joined that I never thought could be, just by asking more of the right questions. The control by the elite runs deeper than you thought possible! I am having fun with it, just wish the taboo subjects could be talked about and shared more. But not for the timid, it can be mind exploding!