Heinrich Himmler was the secretary of homeland security in Nazi Germany during the last and most brutal years of the Nazi third Reich. Under his supervision millions of people were disappeared, tortured and murdered and he was responsible for a large part of the Holocaust. He died of a poison suicide at the end of the war and escaped execution by doing so.

Now, most people in New Zealand would be shocked to find a headline in the MSM announcing the arrival on these shores of such a mass murdering criminal but today the head of the homeland security of another war criminal lead out of control empire did just that.

United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (Nicknamed "big sis" in the US) arrived in New Zealand for the first time and is meeting with John Key and has signed statements of intend to cooperate on a whole range of issues such as improving border security and stopping transnational crime.

Now take note! Janet Napolitano is not the secretary of justice or the secretary of foreign affairs but the secretary of "homeland" security, a department not in existence until just after the events of 9/11. A department set up to provide security inside the US of A against "terrorists" and responsible for the ever increasing degradation of the legal framework protecting private citizens against totalitarian measures and random injustice from their government.

Her department has just bought 450 million hollow points to be delivered over the next five years and not only that it has invested in bullet proof roadside checkpoint booths, Huge armoured vehicles and the genital groping TSA is under her command. In short she is very much overseeing the militarisation and facistication (new word, get used to it) of America's daily life so why is she here?

One of the things they are discussing is the Smartgate system allowing "trusted" US travellers to partake in the experiment which would allow New Zealanders and Australians to travel provided they are considered safe. The system is based on facial recognition and is highly controversial.

According to Mr. Williams the statement of intend a platform for an invigorated work programme that would support the goals of secure, facilitated trade and travel.

"It enables us to work closely together to expand our targeting work, to achieve more effective interventions with high risk persons and to facilitate legitimate travel."

In the years to come as the US presidential right to kill US citizens at will and the FEMA camps are filling up with those "high risk persona" remember this post. Maybe you laugh now but you will look back one day and agree with me Mrs Napolitano is the Heinrich Himmler of the US empire. Mark my words.