The CIA Director Just Cheerfully Chatted up the Council on Foreign Relations About Chemtrails

Published on Jul 6, 2016

Oh, I'm sorry, I meant "stratospheric aerosol injection"... 
DCI John Brennan just excitedly gave the CFR every "in the interest of global security" talking point for why the government should spend the "inexpensive" sum of $10 billion a year to spray aerosolized sun-reflecting particles into the Earth's atmosphere... but hey, it's all a conspiracy theory cooked up by a bunch of tin foil hatters, right?

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It always amazes me how these guys can talk openly about geoengineering and in the same breath deny it as a loopy conspiracy theory.

Either they underestimate our powers of perception, or they don't give a toss. Or probably both.

This written in 2011 - guess it has cost a lot more at this point in time. 10bil per anum?

'So the Microsoft  MSFT 1.79%  billionaire and philanthropist has stepped into the breach to become the world’s leading funder of research into geoengineering — deliberate, large-scale interventions in the earth’s climate system intended to prevent climate change and its repercussions. Since 2007, Gates has given about $4.6 million of his money to Caldeira and Keith for geoengineering research. '

One of the cool things about being Bill Gates is that if you are curious about something, you can find smart people who will teach you whatever it is that you want to know. About five years ago Gates decided that he wanted to learn about climate change, so he arranged for two of the world’s leading climate scientists, David Keith of the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, and Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution, to organize a series of seminars. Since then, Keith and Caldeira have recruited scientists, energy experts, economists, and policy wonks to deliver about a dozen detailed presentations to Gates. He prepares by doing hundreds of pages of reading, some quite technical; the ensuing discussions, which last three or four hours, can be intense. “Bill has the intellectual curiosity of a very bright graduate student,” Caldeira says, “but a graduate student whose time you are not supposed to waste.”

This is no academic exercise. Gates has been convinced that the risk of global warming is worse than most people think.

Reading that link, it's obvious that the same people who are making money off this geoengineering crap are the ones who are doing the polluting in the first place. We kinda knew that, but the hypocrisy still amazes me.

Martin, I agree...the audacity, the hypocrisy, to use an old idiom " stinks to high heaven! "

Man's inhumanity to man.

good link Fiona ♥ Thanks

Treasonist Gangster`s and Anti-Human

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