George Soros Warns Europe: Accept Refugees Or Face Extinction

George Soros Warns Europe: Accept Refugees Or Face Extinction

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They have a Sustainable recovery plan for the whole region called -

Middle East recovery plan, Act now or pay later, Middle east investment initiative.

Here is the pdf.

A small quote from here.....

The Middle East Recovery Plan

A Middle East Recovery Plan, similar to the European Recovery Program or “Marshall Plan” that followed the Second World War, is needed to address the magnitude of the Syrian conflict and its effects on neighboring countries, namely Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. The Marshall Plan pulled post-war Europe out of ruin—participating European economies eventually surpassed prewar levels of GDP by at least 35 percent.8 A similar, proportionate response is required to promote stabilization and growth in Syria and neighboring countries.

The Middle East in 2015 is not Europe in 1948, but the general principles of assistance to accomplish a joint recovery program based on self-help and mutual cooperation apply. There is a tendency to shy away from any reference to the Marshall Plan due to its cost (an estimated $160 billion in today’s dollars). But the original Marshall Plan was not entirely based on aid – it also strengthened institutions and focused on private sector economic growth. In the Middle East, aid is needed to deal with the immediate crisis, but so too are measures to promote long-term investment in the economy and security of the region.

9 The establishment of strong economic institutions and dynamic public-private partnerships, which were key components of the original Marshall Plan, will be critical to long-term sustainable development in the Middle East as well. While admirable and under resourced, existing efforts by the United Nations tend to address symptoms of the crisis, rather than underlying causes.

The Middle East Recovery Plan must be holistic, mutually beneficial to donors, investors, and local communities, and not result in long-term dependency. It should establish strong financial institutions, vibrant local economies, and dynamic public-private partnerships. This approach can foster long-term political, economic, and social stability in those countries in dire need of infrastructural and institutional assistance. Most importantly, a Middle East Recovery Plan must include Syrians as well as Iraqi and Palestinian refugees as co-designers in an economic recovery plan.......................................

A few pages down... You can see were this is going........

The Middle East Recovery Plan will focus on strengthening economic and financial institutions that help expand economic opportunity in the private sector in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. While these policies have long been discussed and debated, little has been done to truly address the economic crisis in the region, and there has never been a greater political, social, or national security imperative to garner the full-fledged commitment of the international community. Through this Recovery Plan, suggested recommendations include, but are not limited to: Greater coordination between international organizations, including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, G20 countries, and regional actors to design a coordinated strategy for economic development and growth in the region, as well as commitment to the long-term financial investment needed to support Middle East recovery. There must be a coordinated commitment by the international community to put forward the funding, investment tools, and incentives to build a viable economic eco-system in the region. This does not only include aid funding, but also loan guarantees, political risk insurance, trade cooperation, co-investment with the private sector, and a wide-range of other financial tools and packages that will lay the groundwork for long-term economic sustainability.

To sum up;Rothschild banksters have a plan.


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