Battle for the Birds - 1080 drops Kahurangi - Pre drops completed, real drop has begun.

A warning for those that are walking to the Kahurangi Light House (West of Golden Bay)

Lat week we picked up a very gutted walker last week (during the uniformed 1080 predrop) who said 5 choppers were dumping pellets on him along the coast line, as he took his annual holidays out at the Kahurangi Light House. He has gone home to Wellington vowing not to come back t this area.

Yesterday we were alerted by a neighbour via txt (we were in town and not at home) that two 1080 trucks were heading to the Anatori to complete the kill over the Kahurangi National Park.

We visited DOC and got the complete run around when questioning the information to the public procedures.    One woman said  "if they can meet the local newspaper deadline" the alerts to the drop would be listed there.  Another said they leave a map in the front window of DOC and they don't know for day to day when the drops are going to be because they are weather dependent. What? Do I have to visit the DOC office in Takaka every day to know if our guests and their animals can visit our forest and coastal areas!?  The Maps on the DOC website are just a general view NOT GIVING DATES. if you go to this link you will see that the date on this is 2016.  We are now in 2017 and they are still using the same map!

No one in the Takaka DOC office seemed to know if there had been a notification.  We eventually found one in the local rag but were stunned at the apparent compartmentalisation/ ignorance of the staff. The notification in the local paper DOES NOT HAVE DATES.  After speaking to Manager Steven (no last name given) we were informed it was up to the people to check with DOC before walking any of our tracks! EXCUSE ME?  You are laying poison that any child or dog could pick up and you don't have to notify of dates?  Just a general notification is acceptable?

People, this is very serious.  You can see how our basic rights now have a clause added to it.  Your government is poisoning  willy nilly and this is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out if it is safe to move through our forests. 

May I ask if the innumerable tourists that visit NZ are informed of this poison program and that it is now THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY to get information from a DOC Office (they have undoubtedly never heard of).
This is appalling management of NZ's taxpayers rights and resources.  The Government MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for putting citizens and tourists live in danger.  Tourism NZ should be alerting EVERY incoming visitor about these 'clean green' poison programs at the very least.  The tourists that I have spoken to over these last months are absolutely horrified to hear of this program after walking our supposedly safe tracks.  Many of them have vowed to go home to alert their traveling friends to avoid New Zealand and under the circumstances, so they should.  If our Government is not going to be forthcoming to the nature of this program, then is it really up to the accommodation places, hosts of visitors and the locals to share this information?

The following are the ONLY ALERTS and please note the generalisations and even lack of dates on the Newspaper notification.

This is apparently the only legally required notification of the drops in the window of DOC TAKAKA

and this is the generalisation that actually made the deadline of the Golden Bay Weekly - note the notification was 2016 and this still applies?Click to enlarge

Acceptable?   Wake up out of the haze and see what is being done folks.

The most RECENT map 2016

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UNBELIEVABLE! Do they really believe that this approach will kill only their "target species??" These people are backward. if I worked for DOC I would be ashamed to go to work

"Control" eh? Its those irresponsibly spreading poisons in out environment that need to be controlled

How does a crowd funded legal action against doc, or better still legal aid funded sound ? Poisons not under proper control.

They are so blatantly careless, could it be they are baiting us (no pun intended? 

All it would take is a corrupt judge to rule it was safe & effective like what happened with water fluoridation & it would be open season.

Sure the taxpayer would pick up the tab but that would be less of a rip off & less damage if 1080 drops continue.


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