Is Siggi Henry New Zealand’s most dangerous city councillor?

By Angela Cuming | Contributing writer
July 13, 2017

It was a classic “let’s all laugh at Hamilton” moment. An elected councillor in New Zealand’s fourth-largest, and fastest-growing, city was a fluoride-denier, and an anti-vaxxer to boot.

But it wasn’t funny to me, or all those who had crossed paths with Henry over the years in Hamilton.

She has always been known as a vocal opponent to fluoridation of water and in 2013 joined other fluoride-deniers in successfully convincing Hamilton City Council to remove it from the town’s water supply (it was later voted back in).

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The REALLY dangerous councillors are those myopic illiterates who refuse point-blank to read the small print which sez the only stuff more toxic than Fluoride here in Earth (and in Hamilton, NZ) is Plutonium.

The REALLY REALLY dangerous people ore those paid shills and trolls who attack the truth about water fluoridation, vaccinations and so many others.
Could Angela Cuming the author of the above article on that brave woman Siggi Henry be a paid troll? 

Sad to say Michael it is not just the myopic illiterate councillors who are acting the part of retards to disguise their psychopathic persona. Politicians have done this to avoid accountability/lynch mobs since forever.  

This tacky journalistic slag fest disguised as in depth science in spinoff should be the subject of at least a press council complaint &/or legal action by the person being slagged off. How did it get past the editor? Soon they will be saying Siggi is a witch 

Looking at the big picture most media now enable these hit pieces. It is not just the rabidly national herald or the waikato slime which is now owned by them I think, but provincial editors are active in censoring comments to these hit pieces. Gisborne, Nelson & Taranaki are looking after the big advertising revenue from big pharma, the dairy industry to name two.

Nope.She's the most honest.



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