There are more than 1,000 scientific studies conducted by researchers from around the world concerning the biological effects of RF radiation. Here we present some of the most recent.

Telecom companies will tell you their 5G transmitters meet all Federal safety requirements, and they're probably right. What they don't tell you is that those FCC safety requirements are based on disputed scientific knowledge as of 1986. We have proof now about how wireless radiation can impact our health. Below are just a few of the peer-reviewed, independent scientific studies published in the last few years. 
I. Effects On Fetal And Newborn Development
II. Effects On Young Children
III. Brain Tumors
IV. Parotid Gland Tumors
V. Other Malignancies
VI. Effects On DNA
VII. Neurological/Cognitive Effects
VIII. Effects On Male Fertility
IX. Electromagnetic Sensitivity
X. Effects On Implanted Medical Devices
XI. Miscellaneous Articles

I. Effects On Fetal And Newborn Development
1. "The Use of Signal-Transduction and Metabolic Pathways to Predict H... Parham, Portier, et al. Frontiers in Public Health (2016).
2. "A Review on Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and the Reproductive Sys... Asghari, Khaki, et al. Electronic Physician 8(7):2655-2662 (2016).
3. "Genotoxicity Induced by Foetal and Infant Exposure to Magnetic Fie... Udroiu, Antoccia, et al. PLoS One (2015).
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6. "Maternal Exposure to a Continuous 900-MHz Electromagnetic Field Pr... Odaci, Ersan, et al. Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy 75(B):105-110 (2015).
7. "Different Periods of Intrauterine Exposure to Electromagnetic Fiel... Alchalabi, Aklilu, et al.  Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction 5(1):14-23 (2015).
8. "Use of Mobile Phone During Pregnancy and the Risk of Spontaneous A... Mahmoudabadi, Ziaei, et al. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering  13:34 (2015).
9. "Oxidative Mechanisms of Biological Activity of Low-Intensity Radio... Yakymenko, et al. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 34(3):1-16 (2015).
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18. "Cranial and Postcranial Skeletal Variations Induced in Mouse Embry... Fragopoulou, Koussoulakos, et al. Pathophysiology 17(3):169-77 (2010).
19. "Dysbindin Modulates Prefrontal Cortical Glutamatergic Circuits and... Jentsch, et al Neuropsychopharmacology 34, 2601–8 (2009).
20. "Stress Signalling Pathways that Impair Prefrontal Cortex Structure... Arnsten, A. F. National Review of Neuroscience 10, 410–22 (2009).
21. "Maternal Occupational Exposure to Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic... Li, Mclaughlin, et al. Cancer Causes & Control 20(6):945-55 (2009).
22. "Reproductive and Developmental Effects of EMF in Vertebrate Animal... Pourlis, A.F. Pathophysiology 16(2-3):179-89 (2009).
23. "Prenatal and Postnatal Exposure to Cell Phone Use and Behavioral P... Divan, Kheifets, et al. Epidemiology19(4):523-29 (2008).
24. "Effects of Prenatal Exposure to a 900 MHz Electromagnetic Field on... Odaci, et al. Brain Research 1238: 224–229 (2008).
25. "Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Up-Regulates Apoptosis Genes in P... Zhao, et al. Science Digest 412: 34–38 (2007).
26. "Cell Death Induced by GSM 900-MHz and DCS 1800-MHz Mobile Telephon... Panagopoulos, et al. Mutation Research626, 69–78 (2006).
27. "Ultra High Frequency-Electromagnetic Field Irradiation During Preg... Ferreira, Knakievicz, et al. Life Sciences 80(1):43-50 (2006).
28. "Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder." Biederman, J. & Faraone, S. V. Lancet 366, 237–248 (2005).
29. "Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: An Overview of the Etiol... Brassett-Harknett, A. & Butler, N. Clinical Psychology Review 27,188–210 (2005).
II. Effects On Young Childrenback to top
1. "Why Children Absorb More Microwave Radiation than Adults: The Cons... Morgan, Kesari, et al. Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure 2(4):196-204 (2014).
2. "Epidemiological Characteristics of Mobile Phone Ownership and Use ... Byun, Yoon-Hwan, et al. Environmental Health and Toxicology 28 (2013).
3. "A Prospective Study of In-Utero Exposure to Magnetic Fields and th... Li, De-Kun, et al. Scientific Reports 2.540 (2012).
4. "Exposure to Extremely Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields and the Risk o... Schüz and Joachim. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 107(3):339-42 (2011).
5. "Cell Phone Use and Behavioural Problems in Young Children." Divan, Kheifets, et al. Journal of Epidemiol Community Health 66(6):524-9 (2010).
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8. "The Sensitivity of Children to Electromagnetic Fields." Repacholi, et al. Deventer. Journal of Pediatrics 116(2):303-313 (2005).
III. Brain Tumorsback to top
1. "The 2100 MHz Radiofrequency Radiation of a 3G-Mobile Phone and the... Sahin, Ozgur, et al. Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy 75(B):94-98 (2016).
2. "Mobile Phone and Cordless Phone Use and the Risk for Glioma - Anal... Hardell and Carlberg. PathoPhysiology 22(1):1-13 (2015).
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12. "Epidemiological Evidence for an Association Between Use of Wireles... Hardell, Carlberg, et al. PathoPhysiology 16(2-3):113-122 (2009).
13. "Histopathological Examinations of Rat Brains After Long-Term Expos... Grafström, Gustav, et al. Brain Research Bulletin 77(5):257-63 (2008).
14. "Mobile Phone Use and the Risk of Acoustic Neuroma." Lonn, Ahlbom, et al. Epidemiology 15(6):653-659 (2004).
IV. Parotid Gland Tumorsback to top
1. "Pooled Analysis of Case-Control Studies on Acoustic Neuroma Diagno... Hardell, Carlberg, et al. International Journal of Oncology 43(4):1036-144 (2015).
2. "Using the Hill Viewpoints from 1965 for Evaluating Strengths of Ev... Hardell and Carlberg. Reviews on Environmental Health 28(2-3):97-106 (2013).
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9. "Cell Phone Use and Risk of Benign and Malignant Parotid Gland Tumo... Sadetzki, Chetrit, et al. American Journal of Epidemiology 167(4):457-467 (2008).
V. Other Malignanciesback to top
1. "Tumor Promotion by Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fiel... Lerchl, Klose, et al. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 459(4):585-590 (2015).
2. "Swedish Review Strengthen Grounds for Concluding that Radiation fr... Davis, Kesari, et al. Pathophysiology 20(2):123-129 (2013).
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5. "Study on Potential Effects of "902 MHz GSM-type Wireless Communica... Hruby, Neubauer, et al. Mutation Research 649(1-2):34-44 (2008).
VI. Effects On DNAback to top
1. "Microwaves from Mobile Phones Inhibit 53BP1 Focus Formation in Hum... Markova, Malmgren, et al. Environmental Health Perspectives 118(3):394-399 (2010).
2. "Radiofrequency Radiation and Gene/Protein Expression: A Review." McNamee and Chauhan. Radiation Research 172(3):265-287 (2009).
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4. "Gene and Protein Expression Following Exposure to Radiofrequency F... Vanderstraeten and Verschaeve. Environmental Health Perspectives 116(9):1131-5 (2008).
5. "Nonthermal Effects of RadioFrequency-Field Exposure on Calcium Dyn... Rao, Titushkin, et al. Radiation Research 169(3):319-329 (2008).
6. "Gene Expression Changes in the Skin of Rats Induced by Prolonged 3... Millenbaugh, Roth, et al. Radiation Research 169(3):288-300 (2008).

7. "DNA Damage in Molt-4 T-lymphoblastoid Cells Exposed to Cellular Te... Philips, Ivaschuk, et al. Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics 45(1):103-110 (1998).
VII. Neurological/Cognitive Effectsback to top
1. "Effects of Long Term Exposure of 900-1800 MHz Radiation Emitted fr... Mugunthan, Shanmugasamy, et al. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 10(8):AF01-6 (2016).
2. "Effect of Mobile Phone Radiation on Pentylenetetrazole-Induced Sei... Kouchaki, Motaghedifard, et al. Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences 19(7):800-3 (2016).
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7. "Effects of GSM 1800 MHz on Dendritic Development of Cultured Hippo... Ning, Xu, et al. Acta Pharmacol Sin28(12):1873-1880 (2007).
8. "Neurological Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation." Lai, Henry. Advances in Electromagnetic Fields in Living Systems1:27-80 (1994).
VIII. Effects On Male Fertilityback to top
1. "The Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation on Sperm F... Houston, Nixon, et al. Reproduction (2016).
2. "Male Fertility and its Association with Occupational and Mobile Ph... Al-Quzwini, Al-Taee, et al. Middle East Fertility Society Journal (2016).
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5. "Extremely Low frequency Magnetic Fields Induce Spermatogenic Germ ... Lee, Park, et al. BioMed Research International (2014).
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16. "Effect of Cell Phone Usage on Semen Analysis in Men Attending Infe... Agarwal, Deepinder, et al. American Society for Reproductive Medicine 89(1):124-8 (2008).
IX. Electromagnetic Sensitivityback to top
1. ""Hot Nano Spots" as an Interpretation of So-Called Non-Thermal Bio... Pfutzner, Helmut. Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications 8(3):62-69 (2016).
2. "Analysis of the Genotoxic Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation Using ...Banerjee, Singh, et al. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 10 (3):ZC82-ZC85 (2016).
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5. "Subjective Symptoms Related to GSM Radiation from Mobile Phone Bas... Gomez-Perretta, Navarro, et al. BMJ Open 3.12 (2013).
6. "Green Communication- A Stipulation to Reduce Electromagnetic Hyper... Kumar, Khan, et al. Procedia Technology 4:682-686 (2012).
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X. Effects On Implanted Medical Devicesback to top
1. "Ad Hoc Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing of Non-Implantable Me...Seidman and Guag. Biomedical Engineering OnLine 12:71 (2013).
2. "Electromagnetic Interference of Pacemakers." Lakshmanadoss, Chinnachamy, et al. Interchopen 229-252 (2011).
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XI. Miscellaneous Articlesback to top
1. "Exposure of ELF-EMF and RF-EMF Increase the Rate of Glucose Transp... Lin, Yan, et al. Frontiers in Microbiology (2016).
2. "Awareness Campaign Against Cell Phone Radiation Hazard: Case Study... Osmen and Saar. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 205(9):381-385 (2015).
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