1080 march Stewart island to parliament, Kaitaia to parliament

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Starts 14th of June


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Open Letter regarding 1080 and brodifacoum Poisoning Events

Sue Grey


Sue update Brook Valley Community Group Court of Appeal hearing June 2018


Thanks for posting Graeme

This is a site a friend of mine uses, I hope it helps to inform,


Starts 14th of june

Are you marching Graeme?  I wouldn't mind partaking myself...

The southern route is up the west coast to coincide with the drop here at the time.

I will be on the march when time permits ,and will also try and be there at the end. i think it most important to have the number when in the last days closing in on parliament.

I can't go to Wellington (EMF in the city) but would love to join the walkers.   Is there a map?  I am not a Face Booker so find is difficult to navigate the links there.

Neither am i a Facebooker , i had to join to for this Hikoi nation.

Yes there is a map somewhere i will try and find it and post it 

Department of Conservation served Cease & Desist notice

Department of Conservation served Cease & Desist notice

Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation issue the DoC with a 1080 poison Cease & Desist noticeSarah Hornibrooke

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Well Emille is walking alone still, he will go all the way by himself if he has to.

not that many down south either, hopefully on the weekend it will pick up.


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