Ngāti Pahauwera hunters oppose planned 1080 drop


1080 Poisoning of Monkey Creek (and tourists?)


1080 Poisoning of The Hollyford Valley

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NWO depopulation programme:

New Zealand according to Deagel which is run by U.S. Military is scheduled to "lose" approx 1.2 million people between now and 2025.

Vaccinations, chemtrails, increased organized drug trafficking, and perhaps 1080 has it's part to play? 

49 United Kingdom 13,898,260
122 Ireland 1,305,620
73 New Zealand 3,289,660
62 Afghanistan 31,471,880


Fascinating Helena, I have never seen this before even though it is mentioned often on TV. ' the degal!'. So less people will be more poor by List of Countries Forecast 2025. Gabon is one of the few with green all the way across. I would encourage the others here to take at least a quick look at this , does it point to things that may be useful to know?

101 Gabon 1,868,200

Gabon, located on the west coast of Africa, is one of the region's more stable countries.

Since independence from France in 1960, Gabon has had just three presidents. Late President Omar Bongo ruled for more than four decades until his death in 2009.

During Omar Bongo's rule, Gabon maintained a close relationship with France under a system known as "Francafrique", receiving both political and military support in exchange for business favours.

But relations have cooled since his son Ali won a contested election in 2009 and French authorities launched a long-running corruption investigation into the family's assets.

Gabon is a major oil producer but a third of its population live in poverty, according to the World Bank.

Gabon, as you probably know Sarah, is steeped in black magick and this in itself I believe is important to the Satanists for their connections/rituals with demonic entities.    Just speculation.   But interesting how "Christian" countries are high on the hit lists with probably the U.S. being the hardest hit. 

Deagel ... just found link saying that it is a CIA front group:

I wonder which cities in NZ are the earmarked "mega cities".


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