1080 protester says visited by Police, there will be a 571 police presence at a protest soon in Wgtn

This came from one of the more prominent Maori campaign leaders. He shared a video clip detailing how a policeman visited & asked about the protest plans. (Think that the protest is this wkend 3/11). He reassured it would be peaceful & non violent. So, 571 police to make sure it is.

This comes as another young guy in the Hutt I believe had his home searched by 7 police who had been told he was storing 1080 & planned to poison the neighbour's kids (LOL) ... all lies of course. Turns out he was removing baits from the streams. They took his computers & devices & when returned had installed Fiddler on his pc which apparently diverts all his stuff he receives before he ever does. 

Add to all that the man in Coromandel earlier who was assaulted by DoC guards with two witnesses to the event, who called the Police, who when they arrived went straight to the DoC staff, was heard laughing with them. When the man went to have the guard charged with assault, they instead charged him. The judge dismissed it however he ended up with $23K costs. I think we're getting the message. 

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They know too many have woken up I expect tj. It's called Operation London apparently & I read yesterday will also have armoured vehicles. Not sure how true that last bit is but we'll see I guess. They're upping the ante on the formerly sleeping giant.  

Good point Ant. Paid troublemakers. Their corruption knows no bounds. 

i do hope it all goes well in Welly and that there are no paid or otherwise troublemakers sent in.

I'm putting this here to share with you all and hope you will share it elsewhere - this is local woman Redwood Reider who is a HUGE 1080 activist and more recently became embroiled in the medical Cannabis movement... look at what she has had to endure to date 

Medicinal cannabis testimony, in rhyme

This lady has been to hell and back to protect our bush and animals with her wise ways, NON VIOLENT ways.  Please remember this when your out their brothers and sisters.  It seems to me that you are being led into a lions den.  I've watched the language change around 1080 in the last weeks.    We have to move past the days of rage, don't buy into violence.  They require it to continue regulating, not to mention the shit you will go through behind the scene like the above mentioned Redwood.

Please watch the following 1080 poem. Magnificent and again - please share.


Whatever happens we must not pursue a path that leads to violent action:

That is exactly what they want and we must stand our ground peacefully.

Even talk of violence and ugliness and "civil war" has the potential to ignite the fires.

Remember who you are and you stand for and stay strong.

A violent course of action will lead to negative media coverage and protestors out of action behind bars. Guess who wins then.

Be aware that our moods and attitudes are affected by our environment. Ionospheric-geomagnetic disturbances and deep seismic shifts have been playing havoc with local air pressures as the rapid shifts in weather bear witness. Many are on edge after the recent earthquake activity and many here have been out of sorts (and that includes me). Fortunately everyone here is awake enough to be able to see this and take deep breaths.

I repeat: We are soldiers of peaceful action and intelligently planned protest here, let's keep it that way.

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Image result for Amidala I will not condone a course of action that leads to

Yes i agree martin and have a link from steve quayle about the same thing.


Yes definitely no violence. THanks for all those links Rose, Martin & others.  From what I see in the discussions the organizers quickly stamp on any violent talk/suggestions etc. The guy whose vid prompted this post his page garnered 80odd K members around the time of the hikoi. On topic I just found this this morning ...

I've had an unhealthy hate for police since they killed my younger brother. I think it best if I just stay away from this protest. Thanks for helping me see through my rage whanau. Arohanui

Arohanui to you too tj. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother ... see why you'd have a hate for them. Please take care. 

Heart to heart TJ.  I can't imagine what that experience would do to my psyche. 

We have the utmost respect for you in your work. We don't often see someone so focused.  You are incredibly supportive and especially to those leading the charge.

Kia Kaha brother 

Bless you for sharing that TJ, yeah..theres strength in understanding the need to keep your heart together and not having it take you down. Sometimes that means keeping your distance.

Softly softly catchee the monkey. As the saying goes.


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