Regarding the poisoning of a family that had eaten wild pork and now critically ill, can you post something on secondary poisoning with 1080. Speaking with hunter professionals I gather that this is most likely to be the cause of this Indian family being in intensive care. The toxicology reports are sure to com back as negative for 1080, because that would be too much egg on the governments face.

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We need your help! 

New Zealand is being poisoned...

Rose I'd just seen that video. Is that Aroha? Excellent. I did comment too & will share soon.

word on the street by a hunter, the situation where the giver/seller? of the meat to the family hunted in 1080d area & his dog had died, he fed it the heart of the pig in question. I will update better later. Mainstream is in full denial & in cover up mode no surprizes there.

Oh my - they could be in big trouble now 

I'm not holding my breath to be honest Rose. They have the establishment on their side. They never went to that hunter at all & he was apparently easily contactable. And now gone to ground it seems. They took away all the meat in the freezer. Didn't test the meal they ate (which is still in pristine condition while all the rest rotted). Didn't test for 1080 til too late to be any good. Yet still spinning yarns.

bet it would be different if they reported the 1080 ingredients , wouldn't want other information being released.


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