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Today (November 6, 2018) is my 31st birthday.

It feels weird to think that 31 years ago I was born in this world. A couple of decades ago, I remember that my thirties seemed incredibly far in the future. But before I realized it, here I am, over 30 and heading toward 40.

So far my life’s journey has been an incredible ride. I’ve gone through tons of ups and downs, both of which have taught me important lessons that allowed me to better understand myself and the world, as well as to build my life the way I want.

In this post I’d like to share with you some of the greatest life lessons I’ve learned during the course of my life, in hopes that you will find them as helpful as I did. Without further ado, here they are:

1. This moment is all there is. The past is gone and the future is not here yet. The present moment is everything you have, so be sure to immerse yourself in it.

2. I don’t know everything, and that’s totally fine. To learn, you need to admit that you don’t know it all. In fact, not everything can be known, and that’s part of the beauty of life, which is an ongoing learning journey.

3. Pain isn’t your enemy. It’s just a messenger trying to show you that there’s something amiss. So instead of hiding from your pain or suppressing it, face it and pay attention to what it has to show you, so that you can understand why it’s there and how to get rid of it.

4. The best things in life are free. Here are a few examples: A deep breath of fresh air, a walk in nature, a conversation with a good friend, and a look into the eye of a beloved partner. Cherish them before someone puts a price tag on them too.

5. Money isn’t just neutral energy. As it exists today, money is creating artificial scarcity, which results in competition, inequality, poverty, greed, and violence (among other things). Therefore, money is quite a negative force in our world.

6. Peace begins on your plate. Three times a day you can choose peace over violence — that is, with each meal you eat. Is your food cruelty-free or does it involve unnecessary suffering and death?

7. Sitting is killing you. Walk, run, dance, stretch. Move your body throughout the day.

8. Don’t trust the mainstream media. Most big media companies are owned by people whose main intention is to emotionally manipulate you in order to keep you hypnotized, sell you lies and empty your pockets.

9. Voice your truth. Speak out your mind, express your feelings and let people see who you truly are. Being true to yourself and others is the only way to build genuine relationships and live an authentic life.

10. You can’t change anyone. But your actions can inspire many to change.

11. Mistakes are part of learning. Don’t fear making mistakes, for they have important things to teach you. But make sure you don’t repeat them.

12. Failures are stepping stones to success. Each failure leads you one step closer to success, so don’t shy away from it. Try, fail, and then try again for as long as it takes to achieve your goals.

13. Simplicity is the key to living well. To live simply means to let go of what is unimportant and focus on what truly matters to your happiness and well-being.

14. Think for yourself. If you don’t, someone else will think for you.

15. We don’t have a true democracy. Casting a vote once every few years alone doesn’t give people much freedom in collective decision-making. Especially if you consider that what they vote for is nothing but power-hungry politicians who are lying to them in order to serve their vested interests.

16. There is no ‘free market’. In our socioeconomic system, you have as much freedom as your money can buy. And those with a lot of it have the freedom to restrict the freedom of others.

17. Books can be life-changing. You must have heard this countless times. But it’s totally true — some books have the power to turn your life upside down, in a tremendously positive way. Just make sure to carefully pick which books to read, otherwise they can be a waste of your time. Click here for a list of books I highly recommend.

18. Use your words wisely. Words can hurt or heal, so always be mindful of how you speak.

19. Do no harm, but take no shit. Be kind and loving to your fellow human beings, but be smart enough to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships.

20. Possessions can possess you. Let go of your attachments to your belongings, for one day they will all be taken away from you.

21. Look fear in the eye. If you don’t, you will never overcome it.

22. Take responsibility for your life. Don’t just sit cross-legged and blame othersfor your misfortunes. You have much power in your hands to help shape your destiny.

23. Change starts from within. Embody the change you wish to see in the world.

24. No person is evil. Those who choose to hurt others are deeply hurt themselves. Keeping a non-judgmental, compassionate attitude can do wonders to help heal their wounds.

25. Question your beliefs. If followed blindly, they can ruin your life (and that of others).

26. Our economy is an anti-economy. To economize means to carefully manage resources and to avoid unnecessary expenditure or waste. Our economy, however, is fundamentally based on consumption — that is, on the mindless and constant extraction of natural resources and production of waste.

27. Choose your friends carefully. The people we spend time with shape our lives. Choose to spend it with those who lift you up and not those who drag you down.

28. There’s no such thing as the perfect relationship. But if your relationships are build with patience, love and care, they can enrich your life more than anything else.

29. Embrace change. Life is constantly changing, and the happiest people are the ones who have learned to adapt and flow with it.

30. You might die any moment. Contemplate on death regularly, so that when it knocks on your door, it doesn’t find you unprepared.

31. Be grateful for what you have. Your life might not be perfect, but it’s still a wonder-full gift. Remember to appreciate it and make the most out of it while you can.


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Another very good reminder.

Yep, to all of the above.

Sofo is a very wise young person.  I agree with all she says.  Two days ago on the 7th November 2018, I celebrated my 80th birthday.  No, I cannot come up with a wise saying for each year of my life.  I have certainly made lots of mistakes, learned new things every day, but it took me a lot longer than 31 years to become anywhere near wise.  So well done Sofo, and thank you for sharing your wisdom - it was a lovely birthday gift for me.


Happy 80th birthday Jenny!  You have shown those medics a thing or 2... a lil' bird told me that your entire family joined you for the occasion.

That's EPIC! 


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