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Seismic blasting for oil is happening RIGHT NOW between Napier and Kaikoura on behalf of Statoil and Chevron. 


I recommend Stranded No More to follow this 

Stranded No More 416 (!!!!) Pilot whales, 75 % dead, the rest will be refloated by Project Jonah which could be pointless if the seismic survey is still active. We are still checking on the vessel.
Stranded No More
Stranded No More Possible seismic survey by the Amazon Warrior in the area, we are checking...

It's disgusting.

If they're still blasting those whales are simply going to head back to shore, and who could blame them.

Pondering my next move. I'm sick of this seismic acquisition shit.

I have no words for my fury.  Its so disgusting.

Amazon Warrior underway and headed out of the area. Bastards.


from Lee

does this look genuine Rose? Keen for feedback on this article that cites beaming over Farewell Spit same time as the strandings but he gives no time, date or link to where he got it. Have emailed him & awaiting hopefully a reply: link here  to his article ... actually on looking at it now it seems not real, ?? Thoughts??

what a tragedy


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