As everyone has no doubt noticed, there has been an unprecedented influx of applications for membership lately.

Most get approved, and while the Con Trail is a relatively small and tight knit community, it's great to see we are so popular.

Normally I would welcome members personally, but there's so many of you I'm doing a "group welcome".

Members here come from all corners of the world, various cultures and beliefs, and so we ask that all are respected.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please ask, we're a pretty helpful lot!

On behalf of Rose and the admin team, welcome to the Con Trail guys.

Enjoy our community and we look forward to your participation.


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Very nice work thank you Martin, and welcome to the new members.

may I add that this is a considerate, well informed group who has added immensely to improving our knowledge of world. I consider it an honor and privilege to be a member and I hope you find the same. Rose, Martin and all who keep this site going, and members who share their experiences, you have my admiration and everlasting gratitude.

I advertise The Contrail to youtubers in the comments section. I have noticed first the Kaikoura earthquake then the whale stranding has garnered alot of intrest from overseas (more so than Feb 22) to the globalist agenda taking place in Aotearoa and the affected peoples plight!

Thanks Lee,

 I too give us a mention in YouTube comments frequently, and of course there's now a lot of cross linking with Uncensored since I help with the running of both sites.

Welcome all new members!

Same here, Lee. Many kiwis watching Dutch's NZ EQ updates have asked where they can get more info, I always send them here.

Welcome to the real world.

Good one SG. Thanks

Been thinking same thing about suggesting a welcome committee with so many new peeps joining. As usual by the time I think of starting something someone has the ball rolling. Synchronicity.

So welcome Contrail newbees...and once again "welcome to the real"....way stranger and more shocking than "normal"... whatever that was.

Much love and thanks to the admin and regular posters here, even if we don't always agree on stuff its beautiful to have questioning and original thought in a world that has forgotten how.

And theres some seriously deep information here, dig in and enjoy.


for the record - almost no body is accepted into a new membership. 90% of the applications (after being properly checked) are declined.

People are asked to answer two questions. "Who introduced" you (or how did you find us) and "what other relevant site are you a member of" and If those questions can't be answered, it is assumed you are a cyber bot.

We are also provided with your ip addresses, so when your city of origin is given and doesn't match your ip... no cigar.

We have one or two tricks up out sleeve to keep it tidy around here also. 

That said, sometimes we deliberately let a troll in for a bit of a lesson in discernment for the team here.

Because of this process, the ConTrail is reasonably tight and very little in the way of spam makes it in.

So if you are here, you are supposed to be.

WELCOME from The Land of the Long White Cloud!


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