A Google engineer posted a memo about gender differences, citing feminine neuroticism, and was summarily fired by Google's CEO. The story took over the internet by storm, with every media outlet chiming in.

This conservative minded Googler is successfully incapacitating the CEO with jabs at women's emotional weaknesses? In another light, his firing propelled the censorship argument, especially after Julian Assange offered to hire him.

The vehicle used to get all this attention, what he politely calls gender differences, struck a nerve with me as well. I decided to reply in kind, on Reddit. LoL, I got minus 6 points for that one!

Then i saw the techie's name, and my heart melted, proving James Damore is right, about this woman at least! J'aime (I love in French) Da, More! Does his name comprise our latest love letters from our friends at angels/aliens/AI inc?

Here is the Memo that's well on its way to fry a CEO:


And here is my blog in case you just arrived and don't know what I'm talking about. By the way, Google's youtube is censoring my comments, only those without a link are showing up when I log out! 


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