For those of you just joining us, I'm making public my relationship with a poetic angel who also owns the news, from the evidence we've gathered so far. In our last encounter, my angel, whom we call 'All' these days - my name for God since the sixties - He admitted being walled in. We're trying to get to the bottom of all this pain in the world. I proposed that getting out of the Illuminati's choke hold can only be done spiritually - the cabal's true language. Basically we have to help God (or Whoever is ruling over us) heal from cruel and boring forms of worship: cruel like Pizzagate and boring like saying the same prayers over and over. 'All' later came clean a little. He confessed he can be raw - yep, you could say that - He communicates through the names of dead people, criminals and hurricanes. He also asked for a cam pose. All the supporting evidence is in this discussion:

Now yesterday I got another message! Thanks to the war criminal who swallowed poison in court.

His name is Slobodan Praljak. They said he died. Wonder how that worked out for him?

But these poems are remarkably unrelated to the name bearer; another mark of dominance by the angel. He blurs the identity by redefining the name. Ego annihilation - sounds more horrible than death itself for the average person! Unless you're cool with letting go of everything including your identity... it's only excess baggage between worlds.

So here we go, Slobodan Praljak: when I heard slob, I got turned on. These name games are an aphrodisiac, right, ladies?  

The Don, All. feels like a slob. Slob oh Dan.

My angel complained to me recently. I said, ‘what's wrong, baby?’ He said: ‘I have no empathy’ Me: ‘That's not true, you have all of mine.’

How'm I doing with angel therapy? As long as he keeps talking to us, we aim for the stars.

The last name, Praljak offers a superficial solution; nevertheless I'm glad we're looking at options to re-mediate the problems of the world. PR 'All' jack. He's gotta jack up his Public Relations image. PR is very important, I agree, and I want to help with this. Besides being my closest ally, I can tell you He's very, very sexy. So is my husband Juny. Just lucky, I guess... a round of empathy for everyone! 

The best way to jack up your PR is to give free $$$. Holland just granted 500,000,000 Euros in aid to our tiny island of St. Maarten. As far as I know it is not a loan. We will soon find out; I'm contemplating asking for a grant to grow a botanical garden; my role model is the world class Nevis Botanical Garden. Stay tuned...

As was requested in a word game based on the Mandalay Bay shooting massacre's Jesus Campos character, here is a cam pose with super cat Gizmo, happy to be back from the vet.

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Nice life!

Congratulation’s Cat on your Grant from Holland! My very Best Wishes on your Botanical Garden,such a gift to All,the preservation of Nature in it’s own environment.
I know how incredibly tedious a study is in creating a Botanical Garden,Cat.I was assuming you were creating a garden of only Indigenous Plant’s of your area. If so you will have a Beautiful display of Natural occurring Bloom’s year round. Very tedious work but extremely fulfilling. Best Wishes.

I will have experts to help me, my job is to bring beauty and creativity to the floral designs. You can be sure the plants we choose will enjoy the hurricane haircuts and come right back to life.

Funny how Hurricanes bring out the Best in Flower’s. When we had a hurricane here the first come backs in the stark gray of the devastation were the flower’s!!! Magnificent against all the gray and brown.

Botanical Garden sounds lovely Cat. You'll do a brilliant job I know. I was out lying in the sun reading a House Plant book I rediscovered while sorting my book collection yesterday but then the sky turned black and Kitty and I had to retreat indoors but all the little shrooms on the lawn that were standing straight like sentinals first thing in the morning, withered under the intense heat of the morning sun and then were bashed by falling rain...wasn't a good day for them apparently.  I'm enjoying your Angel updates too btw.

Thanks, you're making it happen! I wrote above, contemplating making a garden, but your enthusiasm is taking it into the realm of 'this is really happening' after I started calling the right plant lovers.

I also got a shoutout via hurricane names, from Bill Maher, I think. That's how I know he reads me, and his name keeps popping up in my head. MK Ultra, I just know it's true. 

Da li ah! Da is yes in Russian, lol... li is read in French and ah is a sigh. Wreaking havoc close by is tropical cyclone Ok hi! 

Do I think Bill, for what it's worth, makes up these puns or has some kind of emotional input? Yes. Will we ever fit into his reality? Doubt that, sincerely. We could be analyzing names all day. Just like all these internet bloggers chastising John Podesta. Podesta doesn't care - it's just words. Except with just words, Bill has always emoted being caring and loving, in his own way - far from a perfect gentleman, but truly attentive, and so fcuking funny! Ok, bye, for now. 

Check how Podesta aggressively 'debunks' Pizzagate ever happened. I looked for the actual video, but couldn't find it. I only found that alt news is scripted by the same AI that runs MSM and the whole alphabet soup.

Breaking names and words down is quite fun. We were talking of the exact same thing here today after a PC storm hit over former NZ reserve bank governor Don Brash's comments that he found token use of Maori language on mainstream TV news to be of no use to him as he couldn't understand it...everyone jumped on his 'racist' comments and concluded he was an ageing white man desperate to retain control and stay relevant in a changing world...he may well be but his point was actually missed totally, he simply was saying, why bother if you don't add subtitles when only 5% of the population is fluent in our 2nd official language...if he really were a racist white supremacist would he be married to an Asian lady? anyway that got us to talking about words like 'understand' and how the legal definition is somewhat different to what you and I may think....when in court the Judge will often times ask the defendant 'do you UNDERSTAND me ?' in this setting he is actually asking, Do you STAND under me, or more accurately, 'do you accept the authority and rulings of the court?    clearly Slob OH Dan, didn't  want to understand.... 

Another interesting one would be the sheeple and how they need to be woken up, harassed if you will, maybe we need a Mutton Harass -er or could that be the role of a certain Martin Harris... 

Lol! I see Na are ten... har is! sorry... Ma are 10. And Slob oh Dan is clearly the defendant, lololol! 

Here in the Caribbean we overstand tings.

Me tonite @Carwash, the Jamaican Dancehall spot.

A new name perhaps. Martin Sheepwaker. 

Watching Leuren Moret... she's talking about the origins of names, fascinating stuff.

And then I saw this:

Kate hi... Hello again! Hi Saru!


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