BREAKING: 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Western Australia. Unusual Seismic Activity

This just in on my MSN newsfeed:
“A magnitude-5.6 earthquake has hit the West Australian town of Manjimup, about 300 kilometres south-west of Perth, with tremors felt as far away as Perth and Albany.
The earthquake happened about 1:00pm (WST). There were no reports of damage.
The Bureau of Meteorology WA said there was no tsunami risk to Australia. It said the quake was centred near Lake Muir and forecasters working in its West Perth headquarters felt the building sway.
Dardanup resident Jill Cross said she was watching TV when she felt her house shaking.
“I thought ‘am I having a bit of a giddy turn or something?’,” she said.
“The ceiling fans and the light fittings were all swaying. It only lasted for a second or so but enough where you felt ‘what’s going on here?’.”
More to come.

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And checking out the Iris seismic Monitor…

As you can see this is WELL off the beaten path for regular seismic activity! What’s going on here?

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Please checkout this Colin Andrews Blog from 2010:

Location look familiar???

If you go to "Dutchsinse" on Youtube, he has really good explanations on what is happening with earthquakes. "Dahboo77" on youtube has really interesting news on anomalies in the earth's atmosphere prior to earthquakes and volcano activity. In other words, most natural disasters these days are either man-made or manipulated by man.  

RE: Annemieke de Jong (I cant even see this, no matter how many times I refresh the page..hope other kiwis fare better).

Dutchsinse most recent you tube from yesterday, Australian quake had not hit yet (which seems unnatural to me).

Titled "Message to UGSG, EMSC, BKMG, GEONET + NZ CIVIL DEFENSE". Dutch has been seriously under fire from authorities.

9/15/2018 -- Message to USGS, EMSC, BKMG, GEONET + NZ CIVIL DEFENSE - Earthquake update

Can't get Dutch's vid to work: Just freezes up after a few seconds.

OK got it now. Jeez, he's been stood on hard. Good on him for standing backup and getting on with the job!

Punks not Dead Martin..funny how he talked about his former life and how he developed a love for Christ in later years...I see a pattern. Holy fury.

Definitely not limited to the whole truth for Christ thing either, I see it driving all sorts of people. Keeping em going despite the odds.




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