Published on Nov 2, 2016

5G is insanity. This is from Skyvisions found at

For full context and credits for this video, please visit “The Hype Surrounding 5G and Connecting ‘Everything’ Wirelessly,” at

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they start most so called "test" deployments on the first week of april ,meaning the infrasturcture has already been erected and those they "select" to have a free trial from verizon get to actively fry the rest of us while the infrastructure fries anything in its path .here ,they have tons of little wire  verizon and sprint flags in the ground along the yard between me and the street .LED tansmitting streetlights were just fitted last week and activated this week ,so ,along with a dramatic increase in torture and death here ,its lit up brighter than daylight .looks like aircraft landing lights.cant look toward them ,theyll blind you .so ,yeah ,theyve been attaching all kinds of things around here ,non stop road work and every gov paid department has been adding antenna of all kinds along with the telecom agencies .

Theyve put up more smart street lighting here in Motueka NZ also.They the serfs who install this utter crap know not what they do or ultimate outcome.Down with the smart grid.

they just did more smart streetlighting here also .they light up the area like aircraft landing lights .seems they mass deployed these last week in several locations in different countries even .i posted how much more radiation came blaring in ,and other people said they just got them too ,right outside their bedroom windows and whatnot 


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