Friends, I was ahead of most of the people I know in regards to really studying, embracing and assimilating the actual and real dangers of wireless radiation as it now exists. My updates to you, my warnings and trend forecasts, have all been well validated over and again by authoritative sources.

Now we are on the brink of new technology breakthroughs using the new 5G networks. I am trying to stay ahead of the game once again, attempting to assimilate the implications of this technology in regards to our health and well being.

I am finding myself almost not being able to (or not wanting to be able to) think about what we are going to be dealing with! It is hard for me to believe what is happening in terms of our world being turned into basically a synthetic, wireless controlled world. It appears that by 2020, most likely sooner, just about everything, and I mean everything, is going to be wireless. From door locks, to self-driving cars communicating to each other, to having 5G networks and transmitters saturating every neighborhood and city. It will be one giant wireless grid ('internet of things') using even higher gigahertz frequencies than are now used!

My trend forecast? Easy as pie. Cities will become basically uninhabitable for any normally sensitive, earth-based, natural person. You can kiss human intimacy goodbye, with increasing levels of emotional retardation. Human beings will become more "entrained" to their synthetic devices so they start acting more synthetic, digital, distant and machine like, with less "relational" ability. Health issues will exponentially skyrocket, as well as the numbers of people suffering from depression and insanity. Read carefully: The incoherent wireless radiation will literally create a type of "film" or "frequency field" inside the brain and body, as well as in the atmosphere, that will more and more dissociate people from their natural, inner connection to God and Nature. This is already happening and will increase. And the children will become more and more enthralled with and adept at using the idiotic and seductive wireless toys that will be available.

It requires no psychic skill or even much intelligence on my part to know the above trend forecasts will be accurate, because it is already happening now. And the new 5G frequencies, even closer to X-ray radiation frequencies, will be even more penetrative and pervasive in our daily lives. It will be everywhere, in the cities, in neighborhoods, coming from the sky, and inside our bodies.

Now I am not going to mind my manners. Watch this video. This video, without even stating the words, screams out: "stupid humans." And I am actually being nice about this. Why "stupid humans?" Because humanity is going to be seduced totally, taken in completely, is going bite into every piece of techno-bait the corporations put on the hook for them in the way of wireless technology. Humanity will be ecstatic downloading movies onto their cell phones in a few splits seconds with almost no delay because of the lightening fast 5G networks. Humanity will love door locks, appliances, temperature controls, robots, cars, everything under their immediate command and control. All the while, the human ego, separated from God, will be able to play make believe, pretending it is in more and more 'control' and 'connection.' Read this last sentence again.

I am sorry to say, 'they' got us. They did it. It is over. The synthetic world is on its way in. The true awakening of the heart and soul will be the path of the few, and it will be a lonely path. For those who like to know the true esoteric reasons behind larger evolutionary cycles, please look into the teachings of Rudolph Steiner regarding the "ahrimanic" influence of humanity. Steiner saw this entire cycle coming and wrote about it decades ago.

I suggest, for each and every one of you, to start making your alternative living plans now. Less populated areas will be healthier, relatively speaking. I have a friend who is educated on the EMF subject and lives in and loves Los Angeles. However, she also owns a small cabin outside of LA in the mountains with no cell signal. Alternatives are possible.

In the videos below, use your imagination and intuition. Listen to what is being said and what is NOT being said. Trend forecasts are easy as pie! I am not sure what is wrong with me, but I want absolutely no part of any of this and none of the future machine world looks exciting to me.

And if this first video below does not frighten your inner, natural, earth-based "feminine" nature, nothing will! Welcome to the "transhuman" synthetic agenda. And watch the demonstrations they show of how the wireless radiation will be set up and pumped through the cities as if this is the greatest technological advancement. Personally, I see and hear nothing more than STUPID HUMANS. Maybe I am just a dinosaur of an old world passing out of existence?

5G Network: Enabling a Super Connected World

Everything You Should Know About 5G

Neil Steven Cohen

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The only peace I had was flying when the wireless is off and it's no wonder more people are acting badly.

NZ - 5 G is here!

Wanaka Queenstown and Christchurch are testing currently - wake up and smell the ashes

No!! But of course, just glad I don't plan on goin those 3 places again in this lifetime, bad enuff where I'm at the moment.

I was told something like this  when I was a very small girl. Strange that I remembered and now I can look it up! So it has it happened before? Last night on the tele James Cameron was searching the world for Atlantis.

"Toward the end of their existence, however, the Atlanteans became greedier for more power, the operation of the Crystal was taken over by those of less spiritual fortitude, and the energies of the Great Crystal were tuned to higher and more destructive frequencies.

Finally the Crystal was tuned too high, activating volcanoes and melting mountains, ultimately causing the submergence of Atlantis, and perhaps even the axis shift of the Earth itself.

There is a number of parallels in this link with our world today.

and seriously seems we're heading that way again all over

saw a pod cast from a FCC meeting a while ago , a reporter ask the chair about the reports about the towers radiation levels being set to a level , so that it will not quite burn the skin ! The chair looked stoned faced at the reporter, turned to someone else and said , next question , I'm sure the clip is still out there , worth looking up.

crikey Pauly, Id love to see that

Got a feeling I saw it on here , minds not to good at the mo rose , feel like my brain is being fried :(

I completely understand mate.


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