8-Year-Old Boy Prodigy Explains How He Uses Crystals To Transmute Dark Energy

8-Year-Old Boy Prodigy Explains How He Uses Crystals To Transmute Dark Energy

Alexa Erickson February 1, 2017

Energy is a big word in our world. We use it to describe people’s moods, to explain things in physics, and to understand our own vitality and life force. And often, we describe it in dualistic terms. It is a common belief that, much like positive energies in the world have the ability to heal and enhance our well-being, negative energies exist in our world that can actually harm us, and much of the world’s population is affected, or will be affected in years to come, by them.

This theory has led many to seek out how to recognize negative energies in order to reduce or bypass their effects. Spiritual healing and spiritual practice, for instance, work to give us a better understanding of what is truly us, and what is simply the result of negative energies.

According to some, negative energies can be compared to Pandora’s box, causing all the troubles in our world.

As the Spiritual Research Foundation explains:

The negative energy sends a direct command to the subconscious mind targeting the instinct and desire centre. For example: “Drink alcohol now”, “Eat chocolate now”, “Watch a movie now”, “Listen to music now”, “Do drugs now”, “Have sex now”. As a result the desire to act as instructed arises in the person and the person feels like doing these acts.

But how does one even get started on their journey toward eliminating negative energy? Surprisingly, one very bold and bright child might just have the tools you need to be on your way.

Adam may be just eight years old, but he is making a name for himself through an inspiring video that reveals his newest crystal grid, which he calls a “web grid,” that is designed to transform dark energies into light. He notes that he can hear the stones talking to him. His enthusiasm and childlike freedom from judgement, confusion, and boundaries has permitted him to be openminded enough to listen to the stones. But Adam isn’t pioneering the idea of crystal healing; he’s just giving more credibility to this form of spirituality.

To understand crystals is not some form of black magic. It is simply about understanding the vibrations they produce. Though the theory behind the practice can be tough to understand, with a little effort, anyone can do it. This example may help you to better grasp the concept:

Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide.  The silicon and oxygen atoms within it bond according to a hexagonal configuration that conducts electromagnetic energy through it.  The hexagonal configuration promotes consistency, preparedness, honesty, and motivation to achieve desired goals.  Therefore, inherently quartz are the workhorses of the mineral kingdom, providing the information, communication, and flow necessary for multiple kingdoms of nature to collaborate in the Earth’s evolution.

Adam came to his level of consciousness as a result of a well developed collection of metaphysical stones. He spent 10 minutes constructing his network of Amethyst, Apophyllite, Celestial Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz points, several Lemurian Seed Crystals, and Vogels.

In the video, you will see not just a boy who is open minded, but also one who is certain; someone who is using his intuitive reasoning to explain the incredible way stones can heal. Listen to how clearly he understands how to align the stones, explaining how the best charging, focusing, and energy unleashes their values.

Holding the crystals up to his ear to learn their placement within the network, he shines a powerful light on the remarkable world that can exist inside someone without preconceived notions of the world. He is confident, and even more than that, willing, to listen and learn. And he is doing beautiful things as a result.


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Very charming!

I just love this child, he inspired me to go and collect my Crystals, and place them around my bed....

I'm looking forward to watching this. I think my children might find it interesting too. They love Star Wars. Over lunch today, they asked me if "The Force" is real - could you really move something across the table without touching it, etc. I said I believe it is. Everything is made up of energy and our bodies and brains are amazing. We can do amazing things if we tap into that energy and believe that we can. I'm planning to find some video clips for them to watch to inspire them in this regard. This video here might be a start. Does anyone have any other child-friendly suggestions? My older children are 6 and 9. We homeschool. I am exposing them to awesomeness in science rather than narrow-minded, brainwashing school science :)

Look into Spirit Science Vicki.

Here's their youtube channel


and website


Thanks, Rose

Always a pleasure ♥

Well, amazing for me, I have now slept like a brick for the last few days since putting the crystals each side of my bed.

This may be a coincidence, but at this moment in time, I am going to leave them each side of my bed.

I did not have as many as the child, in fact I am using two each side that consists of clear Quartz...

So far so good, if that keeps dark energy away, I am delighted.

Funny thing is, talking to so many people the last few months, I have found the biggest issues ever around so many people waking up between 2-3 in the morning, it almost seems common now. And affects age groups. between 40-60+

The question is why?


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