Is 9/11 truth nearing a tipping point in the mainstream media, or will the truth just continue to kind of drip feed out into more and more of the public psyche, much like with JFK?

It's difficult to see a major 'dam breaking' moment of mainstream 9/11 truth occurring because we've never witnessed anything like that happen before in history, and we know how incredibly controlled the mainstream media is, but you never know.  However one thing is for sure, there is some significant 'leakage' breaking through the dam in recent weeks, especially in the UK.  Below are five 9/11 truth articles that have come out through the UK mainstream in just the last two weeks, and one from the US.  It's not BBC or Fox headlines yet, but this represents a significant shift in where 9/11 sits with elements of the mainstream:

(Page 23)

And one in the US with Jill Stein currently running for US President and asking for a new investigation into 9/11:

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