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Intimacy was never my thing.


Really, for a long time I didn’t know what the word even meant.


But when I looked at my relationships, I knew something wasn’t right. Something was missing. So I decided to figure it out. 


Before I knew it, I found myself sitting on Matt Sanders’s couch. Learning how to communicate more effectively. How to resolve conflicts with compassion. How to be more … vulnerable.


When I met Matt, the notion of becoming more intimate, vulnerable, and in touch with my feelings ran counter to what I thought it meant to be a man. 


The truth is, I’m not the only one. Because let’s be honest, most men aren’t encouraged to express their deepest feelings and emotions. 


As children, we’re often scolded for crying. 


As adolescents, we’re teased for sharing our feelings. 


And as adults, we wonder why our relationships don’t last. Why they hit a wall. Why they lack the depth we crave. Why there’s no communication. 


On this week’s episode of The SC Sessions, Matt Sanders, my own personal therapist, joins me for a fascinating discussion on how intimacy doesn’t diminish a man’s sense of strength, power, and effectiveness. It enhances it. 


022 | Matt Sanders: A Man's Guide to Intimacy

Here’s what you’ll learn:


* Where we often go wrong with intimacy, and simple things we can do to help build lasting relationships. 


* How being intimate and vulnerable actually makes men stronger and more masculine, not less!


* The blurred lines between masculine and feminine energies, and why men and women should embrace both.


* Specific strategies men can use to be more vulnerable and present with their partner.


* How trauma leads to drama and why you must break free from toxic relationships.


* When you must work on your relationship and when it might be time to walk away.

Click a link to listen in:


The SC Site: seancroxton.com/podcasts/022-matthew-sanders


iTunes: thesessionsoniTunes.com


Learn more about Matt, and book yourself a phone/Skype session with him at:




Enjoy the show,



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Interesting and worth a listen for both men and women. They waffle for the first 10 minutes or so but it gets better.

You could have written the course G

Interesting, looks like it talks of the new era of balanced male/female energies which I'm sure is on the way.

Some of these new kinds of men are pretty cool. Will have a looksy.

It's a fine line we males tread between displaying our emotions and appearing weak.

For literally hundreds of thousands of years, men have been taught, programmed and "wired" to keep our poker faces on. This is not just some macho bs, it was a matter of survival. Can you imagine a chatty, excitable man on a hunting expedition, or a man who cries easily facing off against a potential enemy?

Yet in the space of a few short lifetimes, things have changed dramatically. But only in certain ways. Women still look for the traditional stereotypes, because that's what nature programmed them to do. But both males and females are facing changing roles and more complex relationships. A dad has far more input, generally, than ever before into life at "the cave" (home). A mum is more likely to be a hunter, bringing home the bread and contributing financially, where for thousands of years, she would have been the "defender of the cave" while the man does the hunting. No longer does the man return from a hunting trip and simply sit in silence and firegaze (except at the telly!), but is more likely to be sharing housework duties and spending quality time with the children.

Sometimes it's a good thing for a guy to appear vulnerable and intimate, and sometimes definitely not. It's a matter of finding a balance.

There are, however, certain factions who would happily demasculinise the average male, as part of a very specific agenda. But that's a whole other subject and I do have a blog forthcoming on that subject.


When we talk of "balanced male-female energies", one should be mindful of what this might mean:

Image result for baphomet

I'm sure no one here wants this!

LOL that wasn't quite what I meant Martin  

Was tinking more of these kinds of dudes. All healers and shamans and metaphysical teachers, willing to go deep into feelings...but total warriors. Wouldn't wanna mess with any of em.

Kris Krepcik


Jeff Casper


and heres a recent post by Soren Dreier too


P.S. Looking forward to your blog Martin.


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