I am tickled pink to announce that the SECOND EDITION of my Sub Rosa America series is finally up and running! Amazon ordering pages may be confusing for a while, due to deactivating the old pages of the first edition, but here are the urls for the new! 

Back cover text: 

We were not even given a chance then to accept or decline the dream, for the reason that the dream already owned and possessed us at birth. - William Faulkner, “On Privacy. The American Dream: What Happened to It?" 1955

Told from the perspective of flashbacks in 2019, when all the Earth is convulsing and the United States of America is collapsing due either to Nature taking back her own, to a HAARP-driven geoengineering error, or to a purposeful Tesla sabotage to force a new beginning. 

Sub Rosa America is an occult or hidden history of the United States since the Cold War murder of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Had we been able to read this history scribed in 1970 on Route 66 en route to Dallas through a quantum Time field crafted by military Strangeloves, who knows what America might exist today? Grounded in events that bespeak the sub rosa nature of the Deep State, this series of four books is more history than novel and belongs nestled between Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States (2005) and Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope (1966).

BOOK I: Gone to Croatan * BOOK II: The Future Arrives By Stealth * BOOK III: Indian Country * BOOK IV: From Trinity to Trinity

Jornada del Muerto St. Germain Georgia Guidestones Seven Sisters Freemasonry Magicians & Qabalists KRMA Radio COINTELPRO Knights Templar Junípero Serra Operation Chaos Kaspar Hauser The Three Kings MK-ULTRA Chartres Xibalbá William Wallace Bloody Elm Street Assassinations Native America The Bomb

From the burning of the Bank of America on the University of California Santa Barbara campus to Dealey Plaza, a tangled web of political intrigue generated by intelligence factions back East threatens to engulf a band of counterculture youths traveling Route 66. As they enter the Southwest desert, Time shifts and they meet Mayan Timekeeper Vince Liputzli. Magical realism takes over as they encounter Hamlet-like ghosts and dreamers bent on alerting them to an American future far from the original dream of democracy.

Sub Rosa America, Book I: Gone To Croatan



Sub Rosa America, Book II: The Future Arrives By Stealth



Sub Rosa America, Book III: Indian Country



Sub Rosa America, Book IV: From Trinity To Trinity


Elana Freeland

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History will never be boring for you again . . . 

 Yes !  The Future holds such possibilities, never repeating History is the Destination.

Can't wait to read these books Elana. 


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