An open letter to Paula Bennett from Ashley.

Paula Lee Bennett (born 9 April 1969) is the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, Deputy Leader of the National Party, and MP for Upper Harbour.

Bennett holds the Cabinet portfolios of State Services, Women, Tourism, Police, and Climate Change Issues.

Bennett previously represented the electorate of Waitakere, which was abolished prior to the 2014 general election.


FB keeps removing Ashley's post, Paula obviously doesn't want this out there, too much info about her past... please share.

Glenn Holmes

An open letter to Paula Bennett from Ashley.

I would like you to explain to the public a few things from your past. do you remember the Napier tattoo club? because I remember you and your partner at the time Allan aka . This is what i remember as one of the children of members of that club,my mother and her now late husband were members of that same club. why have you change the laws that helped you get where you are . i stayed at your place in tutira the place you lived whilst receiving the Dpb, at the same time buying your house in taupo with help from the government. at the same time also renting a house in wellesley road So you are an actual law breaking citizen...

Here is how and its just the start;


  1.   Living in tutira with your partner who was working full time whist receiving a benefit.
  2.   You were also defrauding the government by renting a house at the same time in wellesley road. when you were staying with Allan in tutira...
  3. at the very same time as your house in taupo was being supplemented by housing new Zealand.

That's three counts of fraud you have never been held accountable for.

I remember a lot from when i was a kid of you and ill say it you were also a drunk and a drug user. many a night at the club you would laugh about throwing tricks at stag park whilst working there. Hold on so you were getting assistance to buy a housing nz house in taupo, renting a house in wellesly road and living with allan in tutira and at the same time working. You are a fraud in every meaning of the word.i saw you many times drunk ,stoned and high on class a drugs ,in front of children, me my sisters and your own daughter. You even once slapped my face 5 times because some one stole some booze from the table and you blamed me and my sister for it. i was ten years old so that makes you a child abuser and me your victim. you are a racist because i was the little black cunt that stole you booze,I was ten Paula what the hell did i want your booze for. do remember me now. any way paula im sending this to parliament, all news channels , all social media, all forums i can find, 60 minutes, fair go and to any one else i can find . you will be exposed as will your government.

You are not any ones deputy prime minister .as you have to be voted in by the public and you were not, neither was your boss bill. you are seated illegally . so leave because we the people dont want you.

yours in absolute sincere disrespect

Ashley Farrell

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Very interesting.  Recently Nelson mother of 4, Maori lady in 30's sent to prison for 2.5 yrs for stealing $285k in benefit fraud, reportedly one of the biggest cases in NZ.  Meanwhile  in the same time frame, white lady from Wgtn gets home detention for $800k fraud from a govt dept?? Two faced Bennett who persecutes others for benefit fraud should do time along with the 'double-dipping dipstick from Dipton'.

"Double-dipping dipstick from Dipton" - Classic!! Love you Ngaire

Aww Greg, love you too!

Ashley your a blessing to this country and its peoples and i wish you the best sister.  Time we were free of this crime syndicate that masquerades as guv.

Sure is Ant.

Just read this this morning on FB. Shocking truth that needs to get out. WE are being 'led' by criminals. Where is there no corruption? 

Is it being removed from FB in general Shontelle or just from Paula Bennett's FB?

Always knew she was a hypocrite, but never knew how much. Very brave of Ashley to stand up and tell it like it is.

Geeez, from what I've read, Paula Bennett could be a senatorial or even presidential candidate in America.

Haha - perfect fit George!

Thanks to Stephanie Flowers

John Keys World Yo

Serious time.

"When she only 19, Paula Bennett was on the Domestic Purposes Benefit but was able to buy her own house in Taupo for $56,000, courtesy of Housing Corporation loan. Bennett said she'd worked part-time but that she "pretty much fell apart because I was exhausted and I WENT BACK ON THE DPB".

"But now she's a minister it's a different story" said Harawira.
"It was OK for Paula to go back on the DPB because it was too hard to survive,but it's tough luck for her sisters today.
"It was OK for Paula to get a Housing Corp loan back then,
but National made sure that it's no longer available today."
"It was OK for Paula to stay on the DPB to raise her daughter, but she's
making sure that young woman won't have that privilege anymore."
"It was OK for Paula to get a paid tertiary education back then,
but not today. In fact she was the Minister who abolished the Training Incentive Allowance."
"Paula Bennett basically set herself up in life with direct assistance
from the state,but now she's the Minister of Social Development, she's gonna make sure nobody else can ever get that kind of help"
"Her hypocrisy would be laughable, except it's so bloody tragic."
Hone Harawira Mana-Te Tai Tokerau MP

Share this round, so people know.

Deputy Leader of the National Party, and MP for Upper Harbour. Bennett holds the Cabinet portfolios of State Services, Women, Tourism, Police, and Climate Change Issues

Tell me she's not bought and paid for, all these portfolios need micro managing to keep the illusion.


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