There is so much on the internet (bless the internet) presented by reputible and well informed persons regarding everything from the power of love to form beautiful ice crystals to Nibiru...

the wiring of the world and ULF's....

the silent nuclear war...Agenda 21,

GMO's....flouride, 911, manufactured earthquakes and severe weather....aliens....the 13 bloodlines known as the "illumaniti"...microwave weaponry, control, mind control, vaccines,

chemtrails, corexit, aspartame, errosion of civil rights thru petty laws,

so on and so forth.

While checking all this stuff out, it's difficult to form a picture of what is going on that includes everything.


What is actually going on here on planet earth?


A pictue is beginning to form that explains everything from the ancient undergroud

structure at Derinkuyu to the billion dollar kevlar roof at the New World Airport in Denver, CO.

It explains the Georgia guidestones, lost civiliations, the pyramids and other ancient structures,

cave drawings, earth changes, the bible, fracking, etc.


Anyone want to talk?  My ideas along these lines are very difficult to swallow without the supporting research.  But it probably time to approach the subject.


he advantage of knowing what is going on can open the door to the next question:

What do we do now?


Any takers?


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I am certainly up for this. Would love to hear anything that can begin connect subjects such as underground structure at Derinkuyu to fracking, wireless world etc.  

We always enjoy your thoughts VL.

Hand up.

thats been my question for a while VL

we better do something hella fast.the impact on our planet is tripling daily,and our restrictions on life and the toll on our health too.WE MUST ACT

This " theory of everything" exists, and those who understand it are forever trying to tell us about it, and forever trying to "wake us up". Read "In Search of the Miraculous", by P.D. Ouspensky, which is a prodigious attempt to give an exposition of it, describing Ouspensky's association with the magus Gurdjieff. Much is made of the levels of being possible for man and the necessity to change our being, working on ourselves in a school. Without this change of being, we cannot even begin to understand this theory of everything, which would be like teaching higher mathematics to a child. Every change of being gives greater understanding. What do you want to discuss? I'll talk about it in light of this teaching. We need to believe that there is higher man, "higher mind". Your average little joker professor understands nothing.

I'm up...

I have heard a heap of theories of whats at the bottom of these so called Rabbit holes.... I'm open and skeptic, so feel free to share. And its amazing at what research has been done. This where we can sift through the BS.

All ears Vinyl lady, as with any good discussion lets exercise manners, non judgement and respect.

I love your questions. The answers are exactly what enlightened people everywhere are seeking, and that in itself is exciting! What a journey we are on!  I have found great, great wisdom, direction and comfort in the works of David Icke. I've read it three times and refer often to his 700+ page book "Human Race Get Off Your Knees; The Lion Sleeps No More". It's wonderful; I cannot recommend it highly enough. And as far as I can tell he has overlooked nothing; yet there is one issue that needs deeper exposure. That issue has to do with trauma-based mind control in the birthing and care of our babies. There is an amazing two hour interview on Red Ice Radio of doula Jeanice Barcelo that should be required listening. Here is the link to the first hour. I believe one has to become a member to access the second hour, which is critical to the first hour and shouldn't be missed. The entire two hour interview is especially valuable to all woman who have given birth, or who are planning on having a baby. It's absolutely riveting.   

Joan, thank you for the link, mind boggling information, another amazing link, to the real world, or the Matrix that we all live in. I also have David Ickes Book Human Race get off your knees and his latest called "Remember who you are" and it carries on from the last book, but with so much more on who and what we really are. The Spiritual, real person we all are, but again filled with mind blowing onformation and links.

Hi VL,

That is an impressive overview of what we the people are being exposed to. Too bad 99% are not even aware of what is going on. As for "what do we do now?" I really don't know. Those destructive things you've mentioned have got to be stopped. I think we all agree on that, but the question is how do we stop them? Most of the things you mention are denied by their orchestrators, and official objections we make are ridiculed and then trash canned. The media will not touch most of these issues, which means the media is in the pocket of the orchestrators. The masses are apathetic because they for the most part do not want to rock the boat and lose their comfortable easy lifestyle. There are so many "free lunches" offered nowadays that every time a private sector job disappears a government job seems to appear to take its place, and the person who lost the private sector job is appeased by first his unemployment check, then his food stamps, and then his welfare check, so his lifestyle is not interrupted and there is no reason for him to be upset or protest....just stay home and watch one of the many entertainments on the tube. And if we get too aggressive and start making inroads into the masses by using the net to expose all these criminal acts, the net will be taken down and the FEMA camps will be filled up with the "terrorists" who were exposing the criminals to the masses. Terrorist is defined as anyone who disagrees with the government or exposes their criminal activities.

Whoever came up with all these slow kill ideas was genius. They are a world wide cancer on society and I have my doubts that they can be stopped..... but I'll keep exposing them and supporting others who are exposing them by spreading the word as far and as wide as I can and for as long as I can. Beyond that I'm sorry to say...... I dunno!! The lunatics are already running the asylum!!

Count me in VL.  I would love to "hear" what you have to say. -Ross


The right motive for seeking self-knowledge is that which pertains to knowledge and not to self. Self-knowledge is worth seeking by virtue of its being knowledge, and not by virtue of its pertaining to self. The main requisite for acquiring self-knowledge is pure love. Seek knowledge for pure love, and self-knowledge eventually crowns the effort. The fact of a student growing impatient is proof positive that he works for reward, and not for love, and that, in its turn proves that he does not deserve the great victory in store for those who really work for pure love.

Helena Blavatsky (1831 - 1891)

When it was all said my dear because it was and always has been simply known.Its just the reality we live in pays its dues to the illusion that runs it all if you catch my drift.

I AM is the sum of being,the being we achieve when indeed we discard this worlds illusion and delusional memoirs .The lore of the mind speak that has crept beyond and were the dawning of a new age is a falsity because it is yet to come.

As Davide Icke said, if your an expert researcher in 9/11 or Mind control, that will take you out of the box but if your the type of person who needs every I dotted and every T crossed then you will never get the full picture with all the dots connected.

Because as you have listed above, it is a vast interconnecting system that has been going on for thousands of years starting with Sumer and Eygpt, to the royal interberd lines today.

Somethings cannot have absolute proof, because it may have been distroyed and within a few generations wiped from human history.

But History is the 1st place to start, because the history we are in in doctrinated with is false, the victor writes the history.

David also says that knowing or instinct, intuition, is far more correct than anything taken as "proof"

I can now watch a tiny bit of news and know if it is the truth, everywhere you look, once your eyes are open, you can "See"

Only your own self knows the truth it cannot be taught. As more wake up and shake off the dreamstate they live in, they will know the truth, but in the mean time, we walk our talk, stand up for what we believe, no matter that society has been taught to call us nutters etc...

This is far more about our Souls to me.....Many people will sell their soul to have power, riches, fame, and be above everyone around them,in this life....


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