A Word of Warning and Russia's New Electromagnetic Missile to Turn Enemy Weapons Into 'Scrap Metal'

From Email ~ Laurens Battis

We are experiencing a fundamental shift in how Russia will conduct its affairs with regard to coexisting with the US. We are now up to our ears in alligators and Trump shows no signs of having the will or the means to drain any swamps. Russia has lost patience and we are now embroiled in an arms race that America will go bankrupt from unless the US starts successfully invading oil patch countries including Venezuela outright and stealing their oil directly. The proxy clients such as the Kurds are far too obvious now and anyone with a brain sees throught them. "American Empire in the 21st Century," truly has no clothes. As the petro-dollar crumbles and more countries turn away from doing business in America's fiat-currency the entire sanctions and petro-dollars house of cards is poised to crumble. What America, via it's SOCOM's will attempt to do next will not be pretty and all will teeter on the edge of full-scale military conflicts while this genie gets stuffed back into its bottle. I see Orwell's bifurcated (Hegelian) World scenario unfolding as was so ably predicted in the 1950's.  -LB

Russia Cannot Continue Cutting Nuclear Arsenal in Tandem With US – Mission to UN  |  https://sptnkne.ws/f7Gf  -  https://sputniknews.com/russia/201709281057767163-russia-nuclear-we...

The Russian mission to the UN said in a statement Wednesday that Russia couldn't continue cutting its nuclear arsenal under the deal with the US only.

Russia's New Electromagnetic Missile to Turn Enemy Weapons Into 'Scrap Metal'  |  https://sptnkne.ws/f7Mz  -  https://sputniknews.com/russia/201709281057772549-russia-electromag...

Russia is developing radio-electronic weapons, which use a powerful UHF impulse capable of destroying all electronic equipment miles away, a senior advisor to the deputy head of Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET) told Sputnik.

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Interesting, Thanks Rose!

"Russia is developing radio-electronic weapons, which use a powerful UHF impulse capable of destroying all electronic equipment miles away, a senior advisor to the deputy head of Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET) told Sputnik."

They had this tech years ago. It was called DUGA3 "Woodpecker" but it was disabled in the Chernobyl "accident".

America of course has also had it for years: HAARP!

Huh..thats exactly what I thought Martin.

Its just a big game to them, admit to things at a certain time to change the course of world finance, politics, history...whatever they want...whenever they feel like it.

Playing god by controlling the "Planet Earth" board game.

...blow on the dice and let it roll

This is blatant MSM fear mongering, which is what you get with reading the MSM.

EMP, as in delivered by Nuclear detonation and causing the likes of Cars to just stop and infrastructure to go "Down" has been thoroughly investigated and disproved.

The "Pulse Duration" is too short and even if it wasn't is not able to burn out todays shielded electronics as they are not tuned to pick it up.

This is of course different from projected pulsed tuned electronic weapons of the type Russia used to disable that US warship, but thats not what is being served up as truth in this disgusting excuse for entertainment, and Baby Kim has neither any of these weapons let alone means of deploying them nor even a rocket capable of carrying the H bomb.

I love it how they link back to articles on their own site which then DONT MENTION the subject (pulsed weapons) linked to, showing the level of intelligence needed to read it.



Gerry P....got me...LOL

Sorry Martin, for a monument there I thought I knew everything (common Human failing) thanks for pointing out that I am in fact no different from anyone else and therefore know the same as them: bugger all 

Alt  media fearmonger just as much as the MSM Gerry: It's just tailored to a different audience!

Cars are notoriously difficult to stop by electronic warfare as the bodyshell forms a Faraday Cage. As far as EMP from atmospheric nukes goes, look up Operation Starfish and Argus which temporarily f#ckef up Hawaii and surroundings causing power outages, radio disruption and multi coloured glowing skies!

EMP attack was the reason they developed GWEN towers of course.

Targeted and directed electronic attack by radio waves is a different matter: The actual frequency can be finely tuned to create specific effects.

As for Kim The Rocket Man, I absolutely agree. It wasn't that long ago that Western analysts (and anyone with reasonable powers of observation) figured out that most of NK's "missiles" were simply steel tubes welded to a nosecone and bolted to the back of a truck: Good old fashioned smoke and mirrors bluffery.

The very same media that published this fact is now using the same images to show that Kimmy boy is a "credible threat".

Well I've looked up Op Starfish, it was in 1962... 

I've no idea which alt media you refer to Martin, I'm only referring to the fact that the article in the Sun (MSM), as well as all the links in the article are FAKE. The reason I do is for exposure of fake fear, and education to prevent it spreading.

Why you are sounding like an MSM apologist beats me...as you are basically agreeing with me at the same time, just like they operate...

Where we differ is the efficacy of a nuclear explosion in destroying electronics. As I said I am referring to MODERN SHIELDED NON TUNED ELECTRONICS not stuff from 1962. Nor am I trying to say that you can't achieve the same result with weapons WHICH THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT in the article while at the same time alluding to KIM having them - when he has not nor can fire a Hydrogen Bomb anywhere - with a FAKE link! 

I went to some trouble trying to find the proof for why an EMP cannot be used as they say in the fear mongering - an article written by an Electronics Engineer laying out the complete highly technical detail - but I could not find it.

So I will just point out a few basic reasons and then I am done:

The main reason is that the EMP pulse generated by a Nuclear Explosion is too short, at much less than a second, for any damaging current to have time to build up in the circuitry of any modern devices. 

The area of the copper circuitry in modern electronics is much heavier, specially in any circuits to do with power supply or receivers.

Modern devices do not work on these frequencies so are purposely not tuned to them.

Even IF Kim was able to "FRY South Korea" with an EMP, he would fry his own country at the same time at that range so that idea is stupid.

Without wasting much more time trying to educate people who would rather remain ignorant I will give another plausible reason for why the PTB want the sheeple to believe in the EMP fallacy:

In the age of IOT and the fact that all computer systems have backdoors built in the PTB can simply disable your car, house, computer, hospitals, food storage facilities, whatever and BLAME it on an EMP leaving you to think its all fried when probably all you really have to do is REBOOT.

Sorry Gerry, got my wires crossed: I thought you were talking about the posted article, and hadn't even noticed the Sun article (the Sun is a notoriously sensationalist publication!)

Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Thats OK Martin, I'm glad we agree then.

Its nice to see that other heavyweights also agree with the message I have been trying (probably in vain) to convey as a necessary defence against the destructive power of the MSM in directing the world towards endless conflict:

Copyright © Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 2017

from Nexus:

The first task would be to disable war propaganda through an effective campaign against media disinformation. The corporate media would be directly challenged, leading to boycotts of major news outlets, which are responsible for channelling disinformation into the news chain.  This endeavor would require a parallel process at the grass roots level, of sensitizing and educating fellow citizens on the nature of  the war and the global economic crisis, as well as effectively “spreading the word” through advanced networking, through alternative media outlets on the internet, etc.

I'm sure he won't mind me copying it as credit has been given and this is also furthering the cause. I'm also sure he would approve of us using it as he intended too. Now all we have to do is follow these wise words and.....

Don't for God's (our) sakes reference (nor preferably read) the bastards as YOU are then working for THEM.

Thanks Paul, this year they've been admitting to stuff some of us have known about for decades. I'm sure they have their reasons for coming out with it.

Meanwhile, Project Bluebeam is in full swing...I'd like to see mainstream media do a piece on the plan to fake an alien invasion. Never know your luck :)))


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