Thought peeps might find this interesting, mainly because of the Admiral Byrd interview from back in the day which starts about 10:00 min in. Feel free to fast forward.

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Flat earth BS from 1959. Shesh!!

Flat Earth? I got the picture in my head of our 'earth being a toroidle shape bead connected somehow to many other similar but different beads in a circle or rotating on a central circular axis - my interpretation.

This seems very worthy of discussion.

It's a paradigm changer.

“Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”

Mahatma Gandhi

When Byrd was speaking about the "land beyond the Poles" and all that he saw on his flights, it was always taken as evidence of a Hollow Earth. Now the Flat Earth brigade are re -interpreting it! Byrd himself never subscribed to either flat or hollow Earths. His "land beyond the Poles" was previously unexplored Arctic/Antarctic territories rich with mineral assets.

Fact is, all the stuff he reported was filmed during Operation High Jump and is available online. I remember we covered this stuff a couple of years back. Not the first time I've seen this interview either, but it was in a different context.

Thanks Martin. I agree with you. I was amused at how the flat Earthers highjacked the "land beyond the Poles". I'm more interested in his statement "an untouched reservoir of natural resources". Money talks...

So now while we don't discuss flat earth we are free to mock it,lol?  The main reasons I gave this theory some credibility is the simple fact all imagery of Earth supposedly from space is doctored (CGI),all imagery of globular planets is similarly altered and enlarged optical telescopic images do not definitively depict planets as spheres(common debunker of FE is 'all the planets are spheres so surely our earth is too', std response almost as comical of course is 'all pool balls are spheres  so does that mean the pool table must be flat?')all imagery from ISS is using a fisheye lens of similar focal length to a standard go pro( or one of my DJI drones), the bulk of ISS imagery from INSIDE the ISS supposedly shot in space is easily debunked also showing harnesses, bubbles in space, CGI astronauts or astronauts in free fall plane or diving tank purported to be in space) no video exists on youtube of the 24hr sun encircling Antarctic(ALL are cut and show only 18hrs continual, the ones showing a full rotation clearly are faked with 'official ' videos said to debunk the lack of videos being the worst, one with different backgrounds and then finally of course the evidence we see with our own real evidence over the history of human observation of any change in the night sky, as if we are not moving at all(yes I do realise the lack of parallax is explained by the enormous distances, something we cannot as individuals prove or disprove) and the problem with lunar eclipses which can be demonstrated at home with two spheres, the earths(a sphere right?) shadow upon another sphere about 1/4 the size (the moon yes?) will when reproduced anywhere  will always form an 'S' or sine wave shape but with every observed lunar eclipse the shadow of earth cast on the moon can only be reproduced with the moon being a disc(doesn't prove flat earth but does raise more questions about the shape of the moon... the other link in logic of course is that NASA and the Antartic treaty both formed the same year, supporting evidence for NZers of course is with enough South Africans to fill multitudes of flights back home to South Africa, why does every flight take 37 hours with stop offs when the direct route skirting the Antarctic would take less than 11 hours? why the fuck with fuel the most expensive part of air travel do they head into the northern hemisphere and double the required distance, then on air routes, the mysterious deviations for 'emergency' landings for passengers giving birth midflight and other medical emergencies(examples there on msm). Flat earth wouldn't gain any traction if these contradictions were easily debunked, but for some reason, perhaps it is to fuel a psyop? there still is no definitive imagery that shuts it all down...but the fake imagery continues...


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