I am here in Washington DC, living in a hotel, Lobbying Members of Congress.

As a whole, we have focused our interventions to stop the expansion of wireless radiation exposure at Local and State government levels. However, it is important to understand especially as it relates to 5G that these wireless initiatives and their funding are coming from the Federal Congressional level and the FCC. 

Attached is a summary of 115 new wireless related bills currently in Congress, approximately20 bills of which seem particularly egregious focused on wireless expansion - the spectrum needed, the installation of small cells, the funding for deployment especially in rural areas, and the legal handcuffing of residents to say no to these bills for any reason especially health and environmental factors. The roll out of such a vast number of bills shows how aggressively and quickly the Wireless Industry through its congressional representatives is working to blanket our country with 5G ultra high frequency wireless radiation (24Ghz to 90Ghz) with transmitters every 2-10 homes. 

See attached Comprehensive List of Bills. Click on the Bill number to be taken to complete bill info at Congress.gov.  Listed in the chart is: Representative introducing bill, Title info, Purpose of the bill, Summary of some of the most salient points, and Where the bill is currently in congressComprehensive list of bills is divided into sections: Most important bills, Rural bills, FCC related, Poor communities, Emergency wireless access, Medical devices, Funding for wireless, Miscellaneous, etc


I believe the focus should be talking face to face with our Congressional Members especially those who provide oversight to the FCC.

(Click Here- See My Call To Action Video)


Phone calls and emails to congressional offices has largely been our mode of intervening thus far with questionable effectiveness. I have found that meetings with congressional staff does not get information to the congressional Members. Thus, the only way to be heard for certain is to MEET with the congress members themselves and demand they protect us from this reckless expansion and challenge their denial of wireless radiation health effects and confront their refusal to protect citizens on any level.

The Congress Members are in Washington DC and in one day you can talk to 20 to 30 congress members. Of course YOU can meet with your individual representatives in your state home offices but all of the members of Congress need to be educated, NOT just the representatives from your particular state. They ALL need to hear from you at this critical juncture.

(Click Here – My Video - Info 5G)

CTIA/Wireless Industry lobbyists are in Washington DC talking to your representatives EVERY DAY. We need to do the same EVERY DAY in waves of people. IMAGINE if we had all the electrosensitive people, those who have developed cancer from wireless radiation, and those who don't want small cell transmitters in front of their homes DESCEND on Washington DC continuously IN WAVES. Congress could not ignore the issue anymore.  


 If you meet with Congressional reps in your state AND/OR are willing to come to Washington DC to lobby CONGRESS Go For It and email my assistant Brenda at brenschl@gmail.com to keep us in the loop.

If you can donate your skills (clerical, organizational, computer, social media, legal, advocacy) OR can donate money for attorneys OR can write a TESTIMONIAL regarding your neurological or cancerous symptoms from wireless radiation exposure

email brenschl@gmail.com.

 *Note if you choose to repost this info please do NOT repost it with my name as the title or tag it with my name.  Just focus on the subject matter: Call To Action – Stop The Race To 5G - Wireless Radiation Proliferation Is Harmful. 

 Thank You,

 Kevin Mottus

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Israel and India to develop 5G technology together/from 2013. Trump's uncle, John Trump got tesla's papers and they went to Israel. Jared Kushner, Trumps son-in-law and Jason Greenblatt are also behind Extermination of the planet.


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