Friends, I ask myself, why is it when most people are impressed, excited about a new technology, I am sitting here yawning, bored, disgusted, and clearly seeing the absolute ignorance that masquerades itself as technological advancement? Maybe I need a visit to a psychotherapist and work on an attitude change?

Watch the 3 very short videos on this new page by clicking the link below. It will show you expertly produced video presentations of their new drone delivery technology! Watch the happy people picking up their amazon order, dropped off in their backyard a few minutes after they order, by an autonomous flying drone.

Notice the happy, healthy people all using wireless devices (tablets) to make their orders online with amazon. Of course, what you will never see presented is the headaches, irritability, immune suppression and sleep disorders plaguing these people from having wireless radiation transmitting through their homes 24/7. (However, because of their suffering, I am the one who gets their amazon orders all day long for EMF remediation products and pulsed magnetic sleep assist systems that I sell on amazon!)

Another thing not easily noticed in these highly positive, happy-happy-joy-joy presentations is the fact the drones are guided by wireless, microwave radiation. Thus requiring the amazon command centers to have microwave transmission antennas (which you can view on top of the fulfillment center in one of the videos), more build out of cellular towers, and of course more 5G technology transmitters throughout cities and neighborhoods so these 'autonomous' drones can be guided by GPS and be buzzing around in the air all day long above where you live.

Well, so I don't need to go to a therapist, I will attempt to look on the bright side and develop a more positive attitude toward the advancement of this kind of technology! The more wireless radiation permeating humanity, the greater the increase of negative health symptoms related to wireless radiation exposure, the more products I sell! How's that for a positive, disaster capitalism attitude?

(Yes, I am being sarcastic!)

SourcePoint Global Outreach
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EMF Safety Zone YouTube Channel

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