Queenstown, along with Waiheke and Auckland, is top of the list for wealthy Americans avoiding 'the end of the world'.

An upsurge in the number of wealthy Americans seeking New Zealand property is being linked to fears of a political or natural disaster.

The latest New Yorker magazine, in a long story about the super-rich making doomsday preparations, gives a high profile to New Zealand as a haven from any apocalypse.

Graham Wall Real Estate is handling five enquiries a week from rich Americans, up from one a week before Donald Trump began his campaign to be US president.

"Auckland, Waiheke, Queenstown are absolutely at the top of the hit list for these Americans," said partner Ollie Wall.

"Over the past six months it's certainly heightened hugely the interest that we're getting."

"Before the sort of Trump effect, as we call it, probably one [enquiry] a week, but in the last year we have done over $50m worth of business with Americans."

Mr Wall said it was clear they were nervous about the future and New Zealand was seen as safe.

The New Yorker quotes Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, recalling how he discovered New Zealand was a favoured refuge. A friend, hearing he was thinking of visiting New Zealand, asked whether he was getting "apocalypse insurance".

"Saying you're 'buying a house in New Zealand' is kind of a wink, wink, say no more", Mr Hoffman told the magazine.

But Ollie Wall said none of the Auckland real estate firm's US buyers had talked of making doomsday preparations.

"I was surprised to see it was a lot about almost doomsday preppers rather than people seeking new opportunities, because that's how it's generally explained to us," said Mr Wall.

However he expected the New Yorker article to trigger another upsurge of interest among Americans in property here.

Buyers see New Zealand as "safe and steady", he said.

"They are feeling uncertain about America, and not only America but the whole world at the moment."


Safe haven? They never heard of earthquakes then?

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Crikey, shows you how informed the average doomsday prepper from the US is then.  Missed the quakes and the insane leadership I guess.

Exactly my thoughts Rose. I've been pondering greatly since seeing this info again in past weeks ... are they those in the know who are going to be friends of the new establishment, or are they total ignoramuses who as you say have missed the fact of what's been going down here? Our new & closer friendship with their own ... the banking fraternity, the military presence, the weapons industry, Monsatan, haarp n chems etc etc. I've concluded there'll be a bit of both at the end of the day. THey might get more than they bargained for.

Hope they enjoy our summers.

You mean the 2 days of sunshine & no trails????

Hope they enjoy our summers .... LOL!!!  And when were those Baza?

Didn't the congressional delegation here in Feb 22 put it to John Key to open up the South Island for one million wealthy refugees and when Key declined they left and the earthquake happened? I seem to remember Ben Vidgen talking to Vinny Eastwood about this but haven't been able to find the clip yet.

Ben Vigden? I was talking to him just a Few days ago at Uncensored, as was Rose, and we directed him to the Con Trail to access our archives.

I'll contact Ben and see if he remembers anything about the Vinny interview.

Just heard back from Ben Vigden, here's his reply to your query LJF:

"Nope wasnt mentioned on my show with Vinny

There does seem to be a concerted effort at the moment to associate my claims repeatedly with fake claims. Draw upon that as you will.
In fact we largely stated the opposite. 
Events like the quake shut down industry in South force populations North and cleay way for bolt hole investors. With exception of local hapu who have to accept oil as local industry in face of destruction of local industry. Even is drilling offeres bugger all local jobs.
Meanwhile core industry including roads, cyber infrastructure, port development, defence, airport infrastructure, continue to pour into the Wanganui Manawatu region. There is a good case for noting an unprecedent, unexplained escalation in these areas prior to last years quake dating back circa 2010.
This is the same era the South Island, especialy its high country, started becoming a magnate for bolthole investors including Peter Thiel, Julian Robertson, James Covert, Richard V Allen. VIP,s with some fairly interesting backgrounds and interesting friends.
Key did met with oil industry at time of the quake at the including Anadarko and NZ ministry Business Innovation. These parties were also respectively financing research into the HAARP HOP program conducted off the South Island and the oil discovery "tsunami detection" capability of the underwater landslide related to the Hikurungi Trench subduction zone. They used the RV Tangaroa (you know just like the FEMA communications cordinated,year long, Civil Defence exercise and Mahi Tangaroa the naval "unconventional global threats" exercise which ended/begun a day before the Kaikoura event struck) from around 2002 onwards and the vessel was out at sea, conducting research tsunami warning oil detection, when the quake struck in 2016. Still seeking confirmation on its presence 201O 2011. Do know they also had a satelite Japanese Space Agenvy shooting imagery at time it struck.
Me and Vinny did do an extensive interview warning of the Kaikoura quake tsunami risk circa 2011 when I followed up on alleged highlevel Christhurch meeting which had taken place and realised the new faultine posed a risk. I tracked diwn NIWA Gns Canterbury Univerity data verfiyung this and by 2012 2014 the issue did get mainstream coverage. Though oddly the risk posed by Kaikoura Canyon got zero news post November as links previously there were taken down.
A 2010/2011 you tube clip is also bandied around about Key,s alleged confession which I have never commented about EVER until very recently. Namely when equally long bow remarks made by Hillary Clinton in wikileaks, around the same time 2010/2011 also got widely disseminated, in a fake news story which mixed my claims (made on Vinny show) with its false claims that these already tenous past events 2010/2011 (from memory as I type) incorrectly took place in 2016. More smoke and mirrors afraid - so good on you for fact checking. Fact is we will all have to be doing a lot more of fact checking in the future if counter culture news is to be taken as a serious alternative to corporate 'news' and really thats not a bad thing 
I do recall, from memory, one of the clips of Key, following that meeting, had him saying Christchurch was "literally a war zone". This in my mind was more of an eye brow raising remark than original remarks which many saw as a confession but I simply saw, at the time, until seeing that clip (as a means of verfying events) as a slip of tired man. 
A curious remark but honestly you want to know if the government had advanced warning? 
Then focus on land purchases, stockmarket, infrastructure changes, legislative action, and identify investment cartel patterns and source of funds, whivh help establish a pattern of inside trading, before these events took place, than focus on conversations that none of us were privy too and am unlikely to ever be able to verify. 
No your members recall is entirely incorrect in a nut shell as I would never report something I had no way of knowing.
Mind you the podcasts are still there so readers can always do the prudent thing and go check for themselves as to what I did and did not say. 
As I always say check check and check again.
Cheers Ben Vidgen DEADLINE."



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