Americans SICK After Finding Out What Costco Has Been Sneaking Into Every Purchase For Months

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From what I can find out almost  all NZ abattoirs Halal certified.   Halal...Haleyel...Lucifer's name before falling.  No one should be deceived into consuming these meats/byproducts.  Deceit by omission.   We need honest labelling.

Never come across "Haleyel" before. Lucifer as far as I know was always "Lucifer" (Light Bearer).

Satan meaning "The Adversary" is derived from Hebrew via Egyptian, referring to Set (or Seth with silent H). Set was the member of the Egyptian Ennead of nine deities associated with war, chaos, and destruction, and the opponent of Osiris.

The leader of the Watchers who rebelled against heavenly edict by interbreeding with mortal women was named Shemyaza. He was suspended upside down in the abyss as punishment for his crimes. One of his "leaders of Ten" was named Azazel, and this is the character most frequently associated with the Christian Devil and Goat imagery, via the Hebrew Scapegoat ceremony. The name Be'el-Zebub was originally derived from a composite of Ba'al and Azazael.

The familiar image of Satan/Lucifer as a horned and fiery red character derives from Molech, the awful horned bovine headed deity of bronze heated until it glowed cherry red.

Lucifer as "Light Bearer" is closely associated with the Greek Prometheus, with the "light" representing knowledge stolen from heaven and given to mortalkind.

Haleyel? I'll look that one up.

Nothing on Google?

Anything spiritual I go to Sherry Shriner as she has studied the Bible/Prophesies/Codes for nearly 40 years:   (transcript)

I usually consult my treasured copy of Peake's Bible Commentary (assembled by a team of 48 professional scholars and theologians) and for a more esoteric approach (but plenty of practical Hebrew-English interpretation) I consult Geoffrey Hodgson's The Hidden Wisdom Of The Holy Bible, as well as a collection of various versions of the Bible itself.

Halal (حلال, halāl, halaal) is an Islamic Arabic term meaning "permissible". It has both a general and specific meaning. When people use the word in Islamic countries, they usually mean to say what is allowed by Islamic Law. In non-Islamic countries, the word usually means fit to be eaten by a Muslim.

I'm confused.  WHAT exactly is in the food that is making "Americans sick"?

Oh, this is such drivel. I am tired of these kinds of scare tactics against Muslims. They did NOT do 9/11 or the other myriad of false flags in America. And Costco is not aiding and abetting them. Instead, Americans are suffering the iron fist of Zionism manipulating our fraudulent money system, our brutal police forces (trained by the IDL), our fake mainstream news, big pHARMa, a pedophiliac infested political system and a perverted entertainment industry...the list is endless. Their deviant evilness is a shroud over EVERYTHING in the US.  

I agree Joan

 A typical saying some folk like to holla out - Hell yea! an anagram for Haleyel..will have to curb myself from sayin that now that I don't wish to inadvertently conjure up Lucifer.

Nothing in the food as such. But if you want your product Halal.certified, you have to pay Muslims for the privilege and then following their religious guide lines for food production. Some believe these funds are used to train terrorists, amongst other things?
Imagine the fuss if the church did the same to food companies. Demanded payment for them to go through certain religious procedures etc before selling it. Mmm don't think it would happen.
Halal rules usually only apply to preparation of meat in their religion - way to slaughter etc. However many companies are now paying for Halal cert when they are just selling fruit etc. There are a lot of questions to be asked I reckon. I certainly don't want to pay extra for my produce because it has this certification. I don't think the Jews charge for Kosha products??

Thanks, Fiona.  The headline: "Making Americans Sick" is really misleading 

and inflammatory.  I had heard that all muslim slaughterhouses are aligned precisely with Mecca to direct the energy of fear in that direction.  The entire meat industry is so completely against everything the human heart knows....that I'm now feeling compelled to become entirely vegetarian.  The question is that after decades of being oriented that meat is the center of the to walk away from that gracefully?  I don't eat much meat.....but the consumption of any flesh seems inappropriate to spiritual development.

Talking about conjuring, I hadn't heard about Haleyel

Surely conjuring has a component of intent?  In considering how to conjure 

allies there is a whole art/science which follows many of the same procedures in white magic as in black.  I've been listening to a man who speaks about these soft sciences...words-as-magic and the existence of "egregore" as a driving force in our enslavement.  An interesting talk Deprogramming Mental Spells and Codes 

Hey Joan.....well said.  I went through a long period where I was so angry with the whole Jewish thing....the money thing...THEN I decided the best way to grow my business was to join that club and looked into converting.  If Madonna can do it, so can I!  It's much harder than joining other religions and difficult to fake the dedication to their I gave up.  Then I discovered the dark hands that directs the top of the Zionists seem to be identical to the dark hands directing all the other systems running against humanity.  The real story seems bigger than Zionism....bigger than the Catholic Church...bigger than the Jesuits.  However it did seem interesting that the Jews were thrown out of Europe by law....many, many times over the last 500 years.  It was something about stealing children and is quite well documented.  This nightmare has been in play for a very long time.

How specifically can we counter these dark forces?  Or do our efforts against only

contribute to the power of the conflict?

Thoughtful and thought provoking response, Vinyl Lady…as is so often what I appreciatively see coming from you. How “specifically can we counter these dark forces?” That is the 64-trillion-dollar question, isn’t it? When I figure this out, I will let you know. :-)  I struggle with the duality of being against painful dark forces and of rising above that layer and lifting others through loveI often wobble between the two looking for some kind of secure footing. Yet, is any of it real? Due to an oob that I had many years ago, I am absolutely convinced that we are living in an illusion/simulation. So, as many others speculate, perhaps I chose this simulation in order to grow spiritually? Even assessing whether I am doing well at this challenge requires some judgmental evaluation that feels ego driven…so I try to avoid going there. One thing is very clear, however: It’s a hell of a ride, as beloved Bill Hicks suggested!
Meanwhile, here are a couple of videos about Jewish ritual killing of chickens that folks might find interesting, followed by an article/link about whether we humans were actually meant to eat meat. Eating meat has become almost intolerable for me, and this article came at a very helpful time in my decision making about this issue. Maybe it will also be helpful for others. 
Shattering The Meat Myth: Humans Are Natural Vegetarians

"There is no more authoritative source on anthropological issues than paleontologist Dr. Richard Leakey, who explains what anyone who has taken an introductory physiology course might have discerned intuitively—that humans are herbivores. Leakey notes that “[y]ou can’t tear flesh by hand, you can’t tear hide by hand.... We wouldn’t have been able to deal with food source that required those large canines” (although we have teeth that are called “canines,” they bear little resemblance to the canines of carnivores). 

"In fact, our hands are perfect for grabbing and picking fruits and vegetables. Similarly, like the intestines of other herbivores, ours are very long (carnivores have short intestines so they can quickly get rid of all that rotting flesh they eat). We don’t have sharp claws to seize and hold down prey. And most of us (hopefully) lack the instinct that would drive us to chase and then kill animals and devour their raw carcasses. Dr. Milton Mills builds on these points and offers dozens more in his essay, “A Comparative Anatomy of Eating.” 

The point is this: Thousands of years ago when we were hunter-gatherers, we may have needed a bit of meat in our diets in times of scarcity, but we don’t need it now. Says Dr. William C. Roberts, editor of the American Journal of Cardiology, “Although we think we are, and we act as if we are, human beings are not natural carnivores. When we kill animals to eat them, they end up killing us, because their flesh, which contains cholesterol and saturated fat, was never intended for human beings, who are natural herbivores.” 

"Sure, most of us are “behavioral omnivores”—that is, we eat meat, so that defines us as omnivorous. But our evolution and physiology are herbivorous, and ample science proves that when we choose to eat meat, that causes problems, from decreased energy and a need for more sleep up to increased risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer."



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