Thanks to Ray Songtree: "Yes, start after 17:00."

Nick Pineault: "Back in early June of last year, right after my keynote in

Vermont, a man introduced himself with what appeared to be a thick Polish accent.

“Hi Nick, I heard you talk on stage. I think we need to talk.”

"That day I met electrical engineer Pawel Wypychowski. And what he told me BLEW me away. Pawel explained that what makes EMFs so harmful to the human body (and all biology) isn’t necessarily the signal strength. He also told me that in his expert opinion, 5G radiation will be much, much worse than our current 2G, 3G and 4G electrosmog -- even when power levels are lower. Then he went on to explain how EMFs prevent our bodies from connecting to the “natural” EMFs in our environment -- like the Schumann resonance. This perspective left me speechless.

"In this important interview, Pawel shares the whole story -- mind-boggling insights that I’ve simply NEVER seen published anywhere. Pawel contacted me during the Holidays and shared something with me about how much EMFs are emitted by new cars that blew me away. I’ll interview him again soon and I’m so grateful to have him as one of my top collaborators. Stay tuned."


Elana Freeland, MA
Sub Rosa America series, 2nd Edition 2018
Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (2014)
Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown (2018)

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Thank you Elana. As a chemically and electrically hypersensitive person, I will pay particular attention.

Awesome share thanks, yes this is far worse than people realise. They are attempting to disconnect us from nature completely.

Listening now.


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