Folks, my friend Neil is offering accousticcom2 RF meters cheaper than we can bring them in via retail.  half a dozen members on this site have purchased one which has activated a lot of action. When people see what is invisible, suddenly it is a different game. PLEASE if you love your family and friends, consider this offer. No one here is making money, it's a wholesale deal that he has been kind enough to pass  on to us kiwis.

The total price with US$154 conversion, John Keys tax at boarder and delivery charges of US$38, we managed to bring this in for approximately $250 each.  You won't find a meter worth its salt for that price in NZ.

Please consider this and contact me directly (rose) if you wish to take this offer up and I will help you wade through the conversion..  

Ka kite 


Friends, listen closely. Read the information below, which just came to me inside an email for protesting against 5G technology. The information below should, without any doubt, help you understand how important it is to own a Radio Frequency (Microwave) Meter. I have pounded on the table for years now telling everyone they needed to own one for their own safety. 

I have previously sold these meters at a discount and personally trained 35 people from this email list, calling it the RF Warrior/Educator Training. With the new 5G proliferation spreading quickly, you will need to know what is going on in your environment or any potential environment you care to move to, work, or live in.

I highly suggest you own an Acousticom 2 RF Meter. They are affordable, small, sensitive and accurate. They measure up to 8 gigahertz, which will cover 2G, 3G, 4G and even some of the new 5G frequencies. So these meters will be invaluable tools for years to come. This is not a sales pitch. Sending out these emails and selling these meters at discounts is actually more work for me than it is worth. I am being honest.

I sell these meters on eBay and Amazon all day long at full price. So selling a few extra at a discounted price to friends is not the way I try to make money. This offer is a service from my heart and a warning, that everyone will need a decent quality RF meter for what is here proliferating up and down and city and neighborhood street, and especially for what is coming. 

The Acousticom 2 sells for $180 online. For those of you on this private email list, I will make the price $154 plus $6.00 priority shipping, a total of $160. With the meter, I will send you by email a PFD file, an 11-page training document I created for my RF Warrior/Educator Team. It will explain the use of the meter, how to read it, and how to assist and educate others in regards to the dangers of wireless radiation. Read the information below and consider how you can NOT afford to own an RF meter?

If you are interested and have a Paypal account, go into your account and send the payment of $160 to my account: Title the payment: Acousticom 2. DO NOT send the payment to "family and friends." Make the payment for "goods and services." This way I can print out an automated shipping label. If you do not have a Paypal account, request that I send you an invoice through Paypal, and you can securely use your credit card without having to sign up for an account.

The Earth has reached its limit

In 1995, when cell phones were still luxury items, Sarah Benson from Australia contacted me to say that we had to organize internationally to prevent an electromagnetic assault on the Earth from the ground and from space. The following year, cell towers began to sprout like mushrooms over all natural landscapes. Wherever they sprouted, we received reports that bees disappeared, birds fell dead out of the sky, and frogs turned up with deformed legs, missing eyes, and other genetic mistakes in lakes, streams and forests. 

SourcePoint Global Outreach
Neil Steven Cohen - Executive Director
Tel: (530) 327-9999 / (530) 918-8443 
SourcePoint Global Outreach
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EMF Assessment and Remediation
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Thanks Rose.

pleasure - mums and grandmothers have found their way to school boards with this meter and are now in a position to make some change... one school at a time.

I am part of a group in Nelson that is trying to help the awakening on many levels, and they may be keen to buy this meter from funds set aside, so we can help educate people about EMF levels. Will ask them this week. Sounds like a good price

The offer is only available for a very short while Tim. 

Until you have a meter in your hand to show the invisible radiation, people don't really get it.   I've been carrying one aroun for years, loaning it out to others.  I'm glad we can finally get them here for around $250 NZ.


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