Another push to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide is currently under way in New Zealand.

Another push to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide is currently under-way in New Zealand. The NZ Parliament has voted the “End of Life Choice Bill” through its 1stReading and it is now being considered by the Justice Select Committee.

Are you aware the current status quo in NZ, is using a system called the Liverpool care Pathway Program - a BRUTAL administration of drugs including Haliperidol and Morphine, that both dehydrates and then drowns the victim.  I watched my own family member, who's immediate family had NOT given permission to the Doctors, be put down and die in agony over a period of 8 days via this system.  They are killing our elders and infirm without your permission anyway ~ R

The Bill

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Call for submissions on assisted suicide bill

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This is not about a benign intention for mercy killing of humans to save suffering. It is the legal seal of approval for what is happening already, maybe with the best intentions by some, be they doctor, family or individual.

Those suffering have already been bled dry by the big pharma, sickness industry & their organs are stuffed so lets give them a push off their perch. \

This is the first step also for softening up the perceptions & acceptance of "assisted" death.

Watch the narrative subtly change to include handicapped people, physically, mentally injured criminals & dare I say it vaccine injured & vaccine induced autism on the agenda.

Hope I am wrong.  

Agree with you 100% Baza


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