My favourtie Word Press site is currently Pam Vernon's

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

I usually add comments to the posts I'm interested in however a couple of weeks back I suddenly couldn't sign in and when I try to change my password I get no option to SAVE the password.  Can someone help me through my brain fog or is this a convenient glitch?

Clicking on the offered hyperlinks (shown below) doesn't save the password on my computer. Anyone got a fix?.

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Looks like pam speaking the truth is too much for the spooks

I've had this trouble before. Links don't link.

Someone with admin access will likely need to sort that out. Wordpress is a great free tool but the bugs and glitches drive me nuts too.

Clif High had mentioned that Word Press was experiencing trouble ....back during the time that Natural News was attacked.


Curses on WordPress!

I've been having issues for years with WP telling me I can,t use my account because I'm not me.

(fortunately my Admin access works ok!)

Have you tried "WordPressisnice" or "IloveWP"?

wordpress wont EVER let me log in ,i hate them.i try changing my password ,and doing the email confirmation crap and nothing ever works ,then other times it lest me comment.its ridiculous .some times it lets me comment the first time on an article,then when someone responds it locks me back out 


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