Anyone know of the quakes recorded SI West coast & whale stranding? Connected?

Mass pilot whale stranding on West Coast

DOC staff, Makaawhio iwi members and local people cared for whales on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

All 38 pilot whales stranded on a remote West Coast river mouth have now died. 

It was initially believed 32 whales had washed up near Haast, in South Westland, but an aerial survey of the area revealed a further six whales on the beach.

Department of Conservation (DOC) spokeswoman Jose Watson said 38 whales had stranded in total – 33 on the south side of the Okuru River and five to the north.

A cluster of three shallow earthquakes have been felt by hundreds of people on the West Coast of the South Island this afternoon.

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sorry, quakes were third April, strandings today, 5th. Connected though? 38 is an awful lot of whales :(

There was a quake on the west coast yesterday Danielle... not far from our place.  Posted in chat yesterday

  • Earthquake 4.6

  • 2kms shallow

  • 50kms west of Collingwood 

  • Just north of Kahurangi Light House (in the sea bed)

The image below is the CURRENT drum for QUartz Range

2kms shallow is like a BLAST.  Note they are calling this 2km shallow quake WEAK!  Was felt in Collingwood by member Steve.

Weak earthquake (18 hours ago)
  • Thu Apr 5 2018 3:39 PM
  • Magnitude: 4.6
  • Depth: 2 km
  • 50 km west of Collingwood

and a couple of days ago there were decent quakes further south on the coast

Weak earthquake (2 days ago)
  • Tue Apr 3 2018 1:05 PM
  • Magnitude: 4.4
  • Depth: 5 km
  • 60 km south of Hokitika

Wow. More lies/cover up Rose.

Same day as the protest too re the Springs there. Is anybody following that? They were on tv1 news last night (watched online). Mayor or CE not sure which said they can't stop requests for access to the water. But the 'requesters' are holding off. So nice of them.

Thanks Sarah. Do you know a lot about the Waimea Dam? Someone told me that's a quake risk area. 

'unlikely', that's nice isn't it? Very reassuring. The ongoing idiocy of DCs :( 

I also have noted the connection danielle and also all the cockles in auckland dying.

oh, missed the cockles Michael? I also saw eels 100 odd in Chch about two days ago. That would be pollution I imagine tho Councils always come up with some smoke n mirrors scientific explanation that deflects from pollution.

Cockles have been dying up north for years. Some sort of STD they said years back when they closed the beds up at Omaha estuary.

An STD lol really. Have they been tested for fukushima isotopes considering they're filter feeders..?

That'd be highly unlikely, testing for fuku isotopes. They might find something.


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