Anyone know of the quakes recorded SI West coast & whale stranding? Connected?

Mass pilot whale stranding on West Coast

DOC staff, Makaawhio iwi members and local people cared for whales on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

All 38 pilot whales stranded on a remote West Coast river mouth have now died. 

It was initially believed 32 whales had washed up near Haast, in South Westland, but an aerial survey of the area revealed a further six whales on the beach.

Department of Conservation (DOC) spokeswoman Jose Watson said 38 whales had stranded in total – 33 on the south side of the Okuru River and five to the north.

A cluster of three shallow earthquakes have been felt by hundreds of people on the West Coast of the South Island this afternoon.

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♥ They have been removing our sources for years.  The magnetomeers have gone, any useful earthquake reporting also, satellites are now super low resolution (for us).  The tools we have compared to they are like Israel vs Palestine.

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