Friends, are you sitting down? Relaxed, open minded, sober, open to learn? Very good. If you will, I would like you to spend 2 minutes and 37 seconds watching the video by clicking on the link below. On the surface, the video presents highly intelligent and dedicated people. But under the surface, you are looking at human beings who have dedicated their lives to a false corporate/machine/technology god, thinking they are intelligent and important. In reality, they are suffering from the deepest levels of ignorance, and nothing more than leaders of the new transhuman agenda.

Listen closely to what they are telling us. How exciting the new 5G technology will be, as it is integrated into EVERYTHING, every aspect of our lives. And please pay attention as the gentleman explains how convenient it will be to have your dishwasher or other appliances connected to the 5G grid so they do not have to send a service technician to your house when this is a repair issue, because the appliance will be able to communicate through the 5G grid network.

You do not need to subscribe to any conspiratorial thinking. You do not need to stretch your imagination at all. Because it is all happening in real time, it is happening right now. EVERYTHING will be connected through a global surveillance grid, using extremely high frequency microwave radiation. Much higher than is being used presently.

We are quickly moving into a time where EVERYTHING will be monitored, everything will be connected, everything will happen through the use of one's cell phone or tablet. A time where young people are thinking they are important and intelligent, serving a false god and being involved in developing the latest and greatest technological advancements; gaining the world and losing contact with their own soul.

Sure, it will be cool having a doctor be able to diagnose you through an app on your cell phone. Or call for a self driving car to pick you up and tell it where to go using an app on your cell phone. And other such advancements. However, We are entering a time where the importance of true "connection" and "intimacy" will quickly be lost, externalized through a false technological connectedness that will never be the real intimacy. And in this loss of true community connectedness, there will also be a loss of personal power and the machine/technology god will have taken over its host, most of humanity.

Wondering what I am speaking about? I will let you do your own research. Here is a hint, the great initiate Rudolph Steiner told us plainly, many decades ago, this time was coming, the "incarnation of Ahriman." He explained exactly what he saw and it is happening precisely how he explained it. The 'Ahrimanic' influence is not evil per se, but it is a polarity that is out of balance, leaning way toward the side of materialism, intellectualism, and technology.

Human beings learn valuable evolutionary lessons by bouncing, somewhat painfully, between polarities until balance is found. We are fast heading into the worship of a false technology god that is quite far toward an unbalanced polarity.

A choice is pending, awaiting our awareness. A balance between technology and the true connection and intimacy of the heart will be up to each person to find for themselves.

If my words sound cryptic. Please read the email again and feel into what I am saying. Watch this short video. It is very deep in its own strange way:

5G is Unbridled Wireless Radiation in EVERYTHING Free of Regulations 

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Yes, yes, yes, ..No(hick)...As far as I have understood there will be no worship of this "Techknowlogy" as it is very definitely harmfull and there is therefore no longterm future beyond its implementation.

Unless you can get away from its reach you will suffer and be unable to perform as a healthy Human Being on any level, so thats where all the survivors will go: beyond its reach.

Whatever they choose to do, except switching it off;

There is no choice.

It has probably already impacted our insects and then is climbing up the life ladder until all is decimated.  True inanity and hubris to think that this will not impact those putting it out.  Wonder how many rooms in the elites residences are blocked from this technology, all?

Yes, we can see it all coming, these of us that are awake that is, thankfully, at my age, i will not need to worry, but even if i told my family and friends most would dismiss me as not quite with it.

This is the Space Fence that extends from Earth installations to near Earth orbit (NEO -- remember Keanu Reeves' name in The Matrix trilogy?). In January 2018, look for the sequel to Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth:


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