Aussie flu deaths - ALL were vaccinated against flu

'She was a beautiful soul': Tragedy as mother-of-two dies from flu epidemic sweeping Australia – despite being VACCINATEDA mother-of-two who became the latest victim of the flu epidemic that's sweeping across Australia died despite being vaccinated, it has emerged.Jennifer Thew, Gungahlin in the ACT, fought a week-long battle against the virus alongside her seven-year-old daughter, Estella. Ms Thew, who moved to Australia from Germany, died from acute respiratory ...
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What's it going to take to wake people up?  Having her immune system smashed by the flu  vaccine every year is probably what killed her.

I'd bet if you looked at the stats of all the oldies who die of respiratory failure every flu season they will all have been vaccinated too.

Who needs legalised euthanasia when we have vaccines already doing the job.


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