This is about Predator Free 2050 & features names like NZLandCareResearch, Monsanto, DuPont, The Gates duo, the Rockefellers, US Defense / DARPA, & more, need I say more?

"The files reveal how far along the two leading gene drive teams (Target Malaria for the UK and GBIRD, based in North Carolina) have proceeded towards building gene drive organisms and are preparing for open field trials, including steps to select test sites in Australia, New Zealand, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Mali and Ghana, and to create government and community acceptance of the use of gene drives in key testing sites. "

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Thanks Sarah. Something to look at. Will have a search later. And 2012 is interesting. 5 yrs ago. Key & his lot of course. Hard case the 'Hunting Utopia'! Poisoned utopia more to the point going by the recent Indian family's debacle.... oops that's right, now it wasn't the pig meat after all.

Oh the joys of living on the isolated southern labs eh. Bums.

Hi Nym. Hope you're well  And yes, the southern labs alright!! Good description. Guinea pig Kiwis!

Absolutely shocking how secretively and deceitfully our Govt dept NZLandCareResearch operates in conjunction with Monsanto and other sick allies. The vast majority of people in this country think GM is not happening here because they think we are protected against GM experiments. NZ is an isolated island ideally suited for an organic haven, we could carve such a great niche in the global market but instead the likes of John Key and many others have handed us over to the globalist corporations. We have been sold out!! The only way to stop this madness is to spread the word and people will have to fight to take back our country......

Sold out indeed Annemieke, mind you sold out long ago & Labour or whoever's in, same story pretty much. Was Clarke who let them grow the corn in 2000 in the end.

Just when we think it could not get worse......

Secrecy, deceit from one govt to the next. When will we ever learn? Given the large number of lab rats that have infested the beehive with proper degrees & properly brainwashed to believe "science based evidence" along with naivity, it is no wonder these black op programs are being continued & we are being experimented on. But hold on folks there is more....yay for monsatano who maybe wants to save the bees with a gmo pesticide resistant bee. Heres a far out suggestion, how about we don't use pesticides AT ALL mofos????

The humble insect & unseen soil microbes hold the continuation of the human race food supply in their mandibles. Not quite the analogy needed, perhaps larger mandibles with sharper teeth locked onto the round dangly bits of the male reproductive organ might stop the insanity.

Cunning move by the psychos to use remote "sanctuary" islands that protesters will find it hard or impossible to access, like the failed gmo trees at Rotorua.  

Why did Lorena Bobbitt do what she did?

Bobbitt cut off her husband's penis after what she described as a rape. It was the cut felt around the world. Twenty years ago Sunday, a frustrated Virginia housewife grabbed a kitchen knife and turned the name Bobbitt into a verb by slicing off her drunken husband's penis.Jun 23, 2013

Said hubby then went off and became a porn star! hahaha

LOL now that's interesting Sarah! Hadn't heard that story.


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