This is about Predator Free 2050 & features names like NZLandCareResearch, Monsanto, DuPont, The Gates duo, the Rockefellers, US Defense / DARPA, & more, need I say more?

"The files reveal how far along the two leading gene drive teams (Target Malaria for the UK and GBIRD, based in North Carolina) have proceeded towards building gene drive organisms and are preparing for open field trials, including steps to select test sites in Australia, New Zealand, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Mali and Ghana, and to create government and community acceptance of the use of gene drives in key testing sites. "

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Thank you Danielle, mind blowing stuff , more to be concerned about and a lot to explain. The 'push' is really on by those who think they have the power. Vaccines, EMF, space weapons, and now this is emerging among other things. I hope they crash and burn or hang themselves with the very long rope that they are dragging. 

It is daunting to find myself a 'soldier' when I have such a commitment to peace. The aggression we face is  deceitful and underhand, served up to us in the guise of for our own good. it is actually a war, a new kind of war...An example the below link will not post in my bookmarks even  though it says it has...

BOMBSHELL discovery: The brain tissue of autistic people saturated with aluminum and lab verified

You're welcome Sarah. Yes it is mind blowing alright and all you say is so true. I was taken aback by this one actually. Especially when I realized it is linked with the Predator Free 2050 agenda. THey're sliding in their agenda under the radar virtually. As you say, sold under the guise as being 'for our own good'. And opposing it almost a waste of time tho I always figure why give them an easy go of it. ANd yes daunting indeed to be fighting when like you, peace is the desired regime. 

Thanks for that link. I had seen hints of it around on the net, the alum./autism connection. Couldn't be more proven now could it yet they still continue to aggressively push vaccines & the folk still sleep on. 

Take care 

Always on the Ball Danielle.

Copied this info to Uncensored with a link back to your site. Cheers!

Thanks Martin. JS to Rose have another on topic for Saturday then GE Free NZ's on Sunday. It's an article I'd seen too & had not quite clicked to what they're up to or who is behind it. Discussions clearly well under way for some time. 

They are already spraying the crap out of us with MonSatans poisons - I have been bleating about that for years because of the insect die off that folk refuse to see.

This year there were no bumblebees in our area. We all bought hives to repopulate our usually thriving bumble populations.  No bumbles - no beans, that long tounge of theirs is what keeps the beans populated.

This is taking things way to far an needs addressing IMMEDIATELY.

Thanks for the alert.


They are Rose. Way too far. Same here re the bumbles. And the monarchs. Rarely see them now. Great to hear of the hives. 


Warning Against Gene-Drive Hype Provided by AgResearch Gene Experiment


The media and community consultations promoting the conceptual gene drive project “Genetic Biocontrol of Invasive Rodents” (GBIRd) seriously underestimate dangers and need to be informed by lessons from previous cutting-edge GE animal experiments that failed to live up to public expectations.

There are good reasons to be skeptical about the hype behind the GBiRd project, the programme coordinated by Landcare research in collaboration with overseas partner the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) with funding from the Gates Foundation. [1]

Research has found that gene drive technology has many problems; immune systems in wild populations could override the sterility gene after a few generations. With no control over the ability of the genetic technology to be contained there are risks that sterility could spread to other countries. There is the potential that, as TB spreads, so could the sterility technology, which could severely affect farmers who have livestock. The only gene drive technology that has been developed is in mosquitoes. Promoters nevertheless continue to hype unrealistic promises about gene drive applications to the public.

The New Zealand Herald reported that Minister Sage “elbowed out” the gene drive project. [2] That project was looking at New Zealand islands to introduce sterile genetically modified small mammals like mice and rats to see if they were able to breed.

Read more

Thanks Rose & I just found that today too. Am going to post it on Sunday, including another article on topic on Saturday. Morons.

Because of this post I am determined to go full bore at eating and living with the natural and to avoid and if possible to destroy the chemical, fake, and unnatural. I talked to an organic gardener the other day about helping her out in setting up a 7 year crop cycle farm. Nothing agreed on, but it is now out there in the Universe to create a man-made free zone where people can learn to farm naturally..

Man is fully encouraged in his creativity in adoration of the Creator, and in the stewardship of His bounty. The Creator does a superb job as to not need help in the growing of crops, but only in the arrangement and care of the crop. 


All the best with your farming endeavour Stephan. I agree on the Creator's handiwork being in no need of improvement. Insane. 

I think that there is a small article in this NZ GEOGRAPHIC about a predator free NZ, SECRET MEETINGS AND PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. JUNE 2012.


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