Ban all funding for Aluminum, Barium, and Arsenic for use in atmospheric modification for any purpose.

Created by S.K. on February 03, 2018

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Needs 99,949 signatures by March 5, 2018 to get a response from the White House

Immediately cease all funding, and ban any future expenditures for the purchase of Aluminum, Barium, (Barium Titanate) , and Arsenic in any form including powder for use in any form of atmospheric manipulation. This is to include any, and ALL aircraft, Sea vessels, and land based atmospheric injection systems.

Let this be the administration that ends the slow kill poisoning of our planet, and people.

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Thankful that this was posted. Will send to others. 

Problem: Aluminium, Barium, Strontium etc  are all used in both solid and particulate forms for  a huge number of applications, many of which are beneficial and NONE of which are OFFICIALLY acknowledged as being currently used for geoengineering by aircraft spray.

So you guys can get this petition built up to sufficient numbers that the authorities must respond. The response will be to toss the petition in the trash.

THE FIRST STEP is to prove beyond all doubt, with solid irrefutable evidence, that geoengineering using these specific elements, is taking place. Good luck with that.

I know I sound like a party pooper, but "welcome to reality" guys.

Remember if this is taking place it's being done covertly with no public accountability.

So very true Martin.


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