I don't have time to write much. 


Been out of town at 10,000'  (3,000 meters) elevation

at a funky resort where there is no phone, no cell signal, no microwave signals (except HAARP, perhaps), no internet, no TV or radio and no Smart Meter.....(Yes, I checked!)  However, there were massive chem trails over all of Yosemite and the pass where I was staying.  When it was thunderstorming, I took the time to do more excavating on the spots on my abdomen.  I made a mess....pulled out many, many fibers black, white and red.  The whole area became inflamed and very red under the skin. You could see the blood dots of lines where the fibers had been wrenched from their places. They went out in every direction like rays of the sun.  I feared I had infected myself beyond recovery.


All this in an area that started out as nothing more than a few imperfect spots on the skin.....what modern dermotologists would call "normal aging".....uh huh. 


Being a fool for madness,  I started very shallow with a fine needle and immediately ran into something stronger than the needle....just under the skin....That was 2 weeks ago.


I ended up with 3 awful looking lesions....tho they don't hurt (!)  Spraying them with H2O2 caused them to bubble and foam furiously.  If you put your finger over the open spot while it's foaming...it almost feels like an air supply to some unknown invader.  Within minutes, the skin seals itself over with a fiber encrusted plastic-like cap.  I would pull that off and start again.  It was like digging to China. 


In the high country, I worked on them during an afternoon rainstorm, using the H2O2, tweezers and a jeweler's loupe. I tried compresses of MMS (28% sodium chlorite) and H2O2 and Neutralizer....nothing

seemed to help it look any better. 


We got home around 5 pm and unpacked.  I was tired after the 6 hour drive.  In the high country I had asked Lesandre what she had that I could try....she listed off a few things...including beeswax.  That stuck in the back of my mind.  I'd been thinking how the ancient egyptians were very big into balms....and applied balm and wrapping to their honored dead.  People don't go to that kind of trouble without a reason.


Just how long has this been going on?


Dr. Gwen says she suspects it's been a part of human history from the beginning...that our life expectancy should be much longer.


Anyway....exhausted from the trip, I borrowed the Beeswax from Lesandre and put a bunch on the lesions, with the no-stick pad...and wrapped the area.  Two hours later I dumped the wrapping so I could sleep.


The tin of beeswax was so old all the writing was gone.


 I figured it was laced with every pathogen known to man....but what the heck?  The old rules of health and healing don't seem to apply.


This morning there was much less inflamation.....and the beeswax was encrusted with fibers. Fibers were standing UP in the wax.  I scraped off a bunch and it contained many.  They appear to drown in it.


Does anyone have any information about  the bathing, cleansing rituals/routines of the ancient egyptian priests or royality?




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Anything to do with honeybees I am always keenly interested! I have friends who produce organic manuka honey which has awesome healing properties,and have learned lots and gained a greater respect for their huge importance in our lives. Your description of the battle with Morgellons is mind-boggling. http://www.naturalnews.com/Manuka_honey.html

Thanks, Marian.

We should have suspected that any critter who has taken such a blow at the hands of the....whoever...

would be a place to look for benefit.  Looks like I'll be eating that manuka honey!  Yum!  Eat the comb too.


Thanks also for the "mind boggling" comment.  My mind is also boggled...LOL!


One of my Indian Runner ducks was attacked by a ferret,but I was able to rescue her just in time .She had a nasty puncture wound to the neck,which I cleaned gently ,then applied lukewarm manuka honey liberally to the whole area.(It was winter,so she wasn't a target for honeybees!)After one more application about a week later,she healed beautifully.

I also use it on minor burns.My beekeeper friend's father was a war veteran & had a persistent ulcer from an old war wound.For years he stubbornly resisted the idea that manuka honey could help,then when all hope was lost he agreed to try it...and of course,he was finally healed! It has amazing properties.

I can't believe I was at the health food store and FORGOT the Manuka honey.


Going back tomorrow or Sunday.


Good news about the duck.  I hear honey  creats a natural hydrogen peroxide when applied to skin.

I can't bear sad animal stories.  They hit me harder than sad people stories.


Morgies hate H2O2....and the way I identify a fiber or bundle of fibers....is to put them in some 30 Volume hair stripping H2O2.  If they bubble and foam like mad....they are morgies.  Otherwise....it does nothing to normal fibers.


I found a great salve....and here's how you make it:

2 ounces beeswax (manuka would be wonderful)

1 cup Olive Oil

a few drops Oil of Oregeno or what ever you have....tea tree works...

heat and stir and pour into container.


Oil, as it turns out, is a huge counter measure in the war on morgellons....at least as it manifests on the skin. I've been keeping oil and beeswax on my open spots.....totally against western medical advise which is


cause those kinds of infections don't seem to be in play anymore.


Also bought something called Zeolyte today.  Will be trying that per Gwen's scientist (and Rose's scientist) Bryan in Canada.  And picked up some charcoal to eat....just a bit....cause this chemtrail thing is a war of attrition and we're losing.....maybe......or it could be that if we dance properly with this new upgrade...there are powers there we have yet to learn.


It's almost as if I'm becoming telepathic with people I'm close to.  We think the same thoughts at the same moments.  Anyone else experiencing that?




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