Friends, here is a short video about Hydrogen Peroxide use. It is excellent! Best 11 minutes possible!

Comment from one of the viewers underneath this video:

"The Mayo Clinic sent me home to die from Post Polio Syndrome. Dr. Sorenson, the so-called 'World's Leading Expert' on Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), was my doctor. After battery of over 23 very expensive 'tests', he verified that I had PPS, and then informed me that there was NOTHING he could do to treat it... not even physical therapy, because of the nature of Polio. They just patted me on the back, having pocketed a massive profit from the useless testing, and wished me luck. I took charge of my own health, researched Polio, finding the best treatment used before the Salk/Saban vaccines were available, was oxygen therapy (Iron Lungs). Having researched Hydrogen Peroxide, I began this protocol about 2 months ago. Since then, I have experienced a reversal of all my symptoms."

Like I say, best 11 minutes you can spend:

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Has anyone tried this?

Also, I'm looking for a cure for Parkinson's for a friend....if anyone has any ideas or experiences along those lines, please speak up!

Yes I have tried the peroxide and worked with others who have used the treatment it really works. You must be very careful to start at very low doses (one or two drops and work up very slowly).  It whitened the eyes too!  People get phenomenal results VL but a word of warning, when working with this strength peroxide, DON'T pick up the wrong glass to gargle like I did - stripped all my teeth enamel and $3000 from my pocket.

Marijuana will help your friend with the shaking ~ I am looking into this VL, as it "runs in my partners family".  They say there is no cure but this seems to control it for some.

Larry Smith is a former cop who lives in South Dakota. He’s had Parkinson’s for 20 years, which gives him symptoms including severe dyskinesia (uncontrolled movements), loss of voice and tremors. Ride With Larry is a documentary about him and his illness.

This is John Gray from Mean are from mars, woman are from venus

You have given me so much to work with!

Thank you!  Double thank you!

Sorry to hear about the teeth thing.  The one aspect of working with 35% H202 is the dangers of working with such a caustic substance.  I was trying to figure out

how to dilute it to a more manageable form.  Also, my food grade H202 has been in the cupboard for a year and a half, and in the fridge for several months before that.  Not sure how to test for strength as I know it degrades with time.   These questions are probably answered in the book which is $30 for the paperback on Amazon.  Seems pricey but I may break down and check it out.

Again....thanks so much for the information.


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