Thanks Suzanne Maher  (Chemtrail Girl)

Biofilm and Nano - Literally A Plateful

This is very unpleasant, but people have to know what is being sprayed on them through geoengineering and laden in our food supply.

These pics were sent to me yesterday from a friend who has been doing Tony Pantalleresco's protocols religiously for about one year now. He is getting to the deeper layers of biology. He used Tony's new anti nano magentic triangle, the anti nano bucket for one hour and taped magnets to his feet to draw more nano out.

Tony said it appears this is hard crusted bio film, you can see where it encased the nano technology which assembled inside. The aluminum, barium and nano silver are visible.

Nano particles cause biofilm inside and outside the body. It has no boundaries and this material will penetrate your body creating a network. Biofilm is a complex swarm of bacteria which creates a hard protein which is almost impenetrable. It will use sugars/proteins to grow a network. Wherever the nano goes so does the biofilm.

We need to get this out, not a negotiable. Check out Tony's protocols. They work.


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Horrifying that so few are aware of the pervasiveness of the nanos

Thanks for having the courage to look at the subject Susan


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